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Google Forms Alliance For Open Media Along With Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, And Others

Amidst news that Google has adopted a new logo (and everything that comes along with that), Sundar Pichai let slip that Google is joining the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and others to form the Alliance for Open Media (AOM). The organization's goal is to collaborate on open and royalty-free digital formats for "next-generation ultra high definition media." In other words, it will develop new image, audio, and video codecs and container formats that are totally free for non-commercial and commercial use.

The Alliance’s initial focus is to deliver a next-generation video format that is:

  • Interoperable and open;
  • Optimized for the web;
  • Scalable to any modern device at any bandwidth;
  • Designed with a low computational footprint and optimized for hardware;
  • Capable of consistent, highest-quality, real-time video delivery; and
  • Flexible for both commercial and non-commercial content, including user-generated content.
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Get The Exceptionally Cool-Looking 32GB Dell Venue 8 7000 Series For Just $359 (20% Off) On Amazon Gold Box Today

While the Dell Venue 8 is a tablet we considered quite solid (and now it even has Lollipop), there's no denying it was always really, really pricey. $450 isn't exactly the going rate for many Android tablets these days as the premium segment of the market never really materialized in a big way. To help ease the sticker shock of the unabashedly good-looking Venue 8, Amazon is chopping 20% off the top of that MSRP today in a Gold Box deal.

That means you can get the 32GB Venue 8 for just $359 (OK, $358.99, you got me), which is $10 less than the lowest price we've seen the 16GB version at.

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Google And Intel Team Up To Create A Project Tango Developer Kit For Phones Using RealSense

When Dell launched the Venue 8 7000 tablet, a sleek device that's insanely thin, it included a bunch of extra cameras. They provided the hardware necessary for Intel RealSense, which adds depth-sensing capability for images. The end result was kind of awkward, but hey, it's an innovation in progress.

Today at the Intel Developer Forum, the company announced that it has worked with Google to develop a Project Tango developer kit for smartphones utilizing RealSense. To accompany this news, there's a smartphone sporting a 6-inch display and a bunch of cameras on the back. Engadget has shared several photos of the device, which looks a bit like the top half of a Nintendo 3DS.

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Intel And Fossil Briefly Show Off A New Android Wear Watch With A Round (Flat Tire) Screen

Fossil has been talking about getting into wearable technology for some time, and now it is finally giving us a peek at what it's been working on with Intel. At Intel Developer Forum (IDF) today, Fossil had three Intel-powered wearable devices on hand, one of which was an Android Wear smartwatch. It looks like the offspring of a union between a Watch Urbane and a Moto 360.


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Editorial: Snapdragon Sorrows - Has Qualcomm Begun A Long, Slow Fall From The Top?

Back in late July, the Qualcomm Corporation - employer of over 30,000 individuals at the time - began the process of telling about 15% of those people (eg, over 4,000 gainfully-employed human beings) they were no longer needed. This was after already cutting another 1500 jobs in late 2014.

The company's stock is currently trading near 2-year lows, and while obviously still a very robust company, Qualcomm can't keep putting in these kinds of numbers if it's going to maintain its position at the tippy-top of the smartphone chipset market.


Qualcomm (QCOM - NASDAQ) stock is down over 10% year-to-date. It is down over 20% from its peak, reached in early 2014.

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Intel's Fashion-Focused MICA Smartband Gets An Official Android Companion App

If you're using a "smart" wearable device because it's fashionable rather than practical (and the current crop of smartwatches have a pretty tenuous grasp on the idea of practicality anyway), then why not just wear an old-fashioned watch or bracelet and deal with the arguable inconvenience of reaching for your phone on occasion? These and other questions might be answered by the Android app for MICA, an Intel-branded wearable that puts fashion over form.


They might be. But probably not.

The MICA is a curved-screen smartband unabashedly marketed towards women. It includes the standard call, SMS, calendar, and email notifications, plus more specialized content like fashion and horoscope apps from Refinery29.

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Intel Releases Remote Keyboard App For NUC And Compute Stick Systems

Intel has a lot of things going on these days, including a push for small form factor computers that run Intel hardware. The NUC (Next Unit of Computing) platform has been popular, and now there's the Compute Stick, which has been a little less popular. If you have either, you can now download the Intel Remote Keyboard app and control the system from your phone or tablet.


Intel Acquires Recon Instruments, The Makers Of The Fitness-Oriented Smart Eyewear Recon Jet

After somewhat missing the boat on mobile computing, Intel is slowly and steadily forging its way in the wearable market, trying to stay at the forefront of this new field. Over the past year or so, it has acquired Basis, formed a partnership with eyewear giant Luxxotica (Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc), announced a collaboration with Google and Tag Heuer for an Android Wear watch, and unveiled a button-sized chip for wearables named the Curie Module. It has now taken another step forward in its venture by acquiring Recon Instruments.

Recon is a Canadian company better known for its much-delayed but quite interesting Jet, a head-mounted unit that runs a heavily modded version of Android Jelly Bean and targets the sports and fitness crowd with preloaded apps and functionality.

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Report: TAG Heuer's Android Wear-Powered Watch Is Scheduled For October Or November With A $1400 Price TAG

Does the lack of $1000+ status symbols available for the Android Wear market really get you down? If it does, then start saving your pennies now. According to Bloomberg, TAG Heuer and its owner LVMH intend to release a luxury smartwatch in either October or November of this year, with a price tag expected to be around $1400. That's much, much more expensive than even the priciest Android Wear devices to date, about entry-level for a TAG watch, and approximately one tenth the price of the most expensive Apple Watch.


Like this, but with pixels.

We've heard that TAG Heuer intends to release a smartwatch in partnership with Google and Intel, making it the first of the Swiss luxury brands to jump on an established wearable platform.

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Google, TAG Heuer, And Intel Walk Into A Bar And Decide To Design An Android Wear Smart Watch

From the earliest days of Android Wear, there have been those waiting for a traditional watchmaker to get in on the fun. Today appears to be the day. Google, TAG Heuer, and Intel have announced a partnership to design an Android Wear watch powered by an Intel chip.


No, this isn't the actual watch

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