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OnePlus Introduces On-Guard Insurance Plan For OnePlus 2 Buyers In Europe, Snubs Existing Owners In The Process

OnePlus has announced a new insurance plan for the OnePlus 2 and, soon, OnePlus X in Europe.

In the European Union, customers can now choose to buy On-Guard protection from simplesurance. The protection covers accidental physical and liquid damage, provides a "worry-free" claim process, and offers worldwide coverage for claims. 12 months goes for €39.99, while 24 costs €64.99.

This announcement follows a similar one in India, where OnePlus has partnered with B2X to provide the B2X Service and B2X protect plans. It also comes a month after Google announced Nexus Protect, an enhanced warranty that offers next business day replacements of accidentally damaged devices.

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State Farm's Pocket Agent Android App Goes Material In Latest Update

Are you in good hands? Is your insurance agency on your side? Is it like a good neighbor? If you answered yes to that last one, then you might want to check out your company's Android app. State Farm has given its Pocket Agent software a material makeover in the latest release.

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Sprint Is Offering Open Enrollment For Their Device Insurance Plans Throughout March

On the heels of a very similar promotion from AT&T, Sprint has decided to allow any of their subscribers to add phone insurance to their plan throughout the month. Normally, you can only get a device insured within the first 30 days after purchase, so this is a good deal if you dragged your feet back when you first got your phone or LTE-capable tablet.

The plans, branded as Total Equipment Protection (TEP) and TEP Plus, are serviced by Asurion, just like AT&T. Both will cost you monthly fees that go higher if your phone is newer or nicer. TEP Plus is only for "higher-end" devices and brings with it a higher monthly fee but no deductibles on the first two claims.

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AT&T Offering Open Enrollment For Mobile Device Insurance Until March 31st

If you want insurance for your device on AT&T and you bought the phone or tablet over a month ago, you're normally in trouble. For a limited time, though, you can get their insurance regardless of the date you bought the device. Until March 31, AT&T is allowing open enrollment on any of their three insurance plans:


The most expensive tier, which was introduced last summer, can cover tablets and laptops that have no relationship with AT&T so long as there is at least one device that is tied to the carrier on the plan. The main difference between the $6.99 and $9.99 plans is the ability to get priority technical support in the more expensive one.

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FileThis Automatically Fetches Paperwork From Hundreds Of Sources And Saves Them To The Cloud

Bank statements. Insurance policies. Credit card bills. All of these are things that you should hang on to, and you might not. FileThis is a service that hopes to make proper filing as easy and painless as possible by automatically fetching those documents and dropping them right into your cloud storage service of choice. It's kind of like having one of those automatic scanners... without all that, you know, tedious scanning.

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The process is appealingly simple. Create an account with FileThis, then connect it to your preferred cloud storage account. FileThis supports Dropbox, Google Drive,, Evernote, or Amazon CloudDrive, or you can save files to the proprietary FileThis system or your own PC (with the Windows program).

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Sprint Announces Open Enrollment For Prepaid And Postpaid Device Protection Plans All This Month

Open enrollment is apparently not just for health insurance anymore. Sprint has decided to offer all current customers the option of enrolling in Total Equipment Protection (TEP) during the month of June. Yes, even if you bought your phone many moons ago.

2014-06-03 11_10_35-Sprint Services - Repair, Protect, Replace

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Sprint Adds New Total Equipment Protection Plus With More Things You Don't Need For An Extra $2 Per Month

It's hard to be Sprint these days. Its LTE rollout is lagging way behind the competition, it's losing subscribers and cash fast, and everyone is making fun of its "Framily" plans. That's too bad, but Sprint isn't going to get back in our good graces by charging money for things we already have or don't need in the first place. That's just what it's doing with the new Total Equipment Protection (TEP) Plus plan.

1 2 3

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[Update: Extended Till 9/30] Sprint To Offer Total Equipment Protection Open Enrollment For The Entire Month Of August

Update: It looks like Sprint decided to extend the Open Enrollment for another month, so if you missed it last month, you get another chance!

2011-09-07 16h55_35

Thanks, Captain Anonymous and Raj!

In light of Sprint offering protection plans on all notebooks, netbooks, and tablets, the Now Network has also decided to allow all customers to enroll in a protection plan during the month of August, if they so choose.

2011-07-28 15h35_03

In the past, users could only enroll in a protection plan within the first thirty days after purchasing a new device, but from August 1st thru August 31st, you'll be able to snag an insurance policy on an applicable device (though we're not sure how they're defining "applicable" here), regardless of how long you've had it.

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Sprint Now Offering Protection Plan For Netbooks, Notebooks, And Tablets For $13/Month - $5 More Than Phones

Anyone who previously picked up an internet-device (computer or tablet) from Sprint may have been a little frustrated with the lack of insurance provided by the Now Network. That all changes today, as it has finally decided to toss some coverage to its users that provides some peace of mind if anything were to happen to their netbook, notebook, or tablet.

The coverage is basically like any other carrier: the plan covers mechanical or electrical breakdown, accidental damage, and if the device is lost or stolen. The plan itself will set you back $13 per month with a $100 deductible, but that's a small price to pay to ensure device replacement if something were to happen.

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PSA: Verizon's Warranty Exchange Policy Is About To Get A Lot More Strict Starting Tomorrow

It appears Verizon has altered the terms of its "Certified Like New Program" ("CLNP") (pray they don't alter them further) to be a lot more demanding regarding the condition of exchanged devices.

Namely, if you send in your destroyed DROID, don't expect to get a shiny new replacement without a serious penalty - all phones sent in on warranty exchange must now meet the following requirements:

CLNR Cosmetics Standards

CLNR Cosmetic Standard Summary:

  • No blemishes are permitted on front surfaces such as the touch screen, keyboard
  • No more than two flaws, which must be less than 5mm in length, are permitted on other surfaces
  • No flaws or defects on lens
  • No dust, dirt, or fibers under lens
  • Ports must be free of foreign material and corrosion, be in operating condition, and have the plugs in place if applicable

This means even if your Android device suffers from a warrantied defect and fails, you may be out of luck trying to get it exchanged if you haven't kept it in tip-top condition.

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