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Instapaper has been acquired by Pinterest

On the surface, there aren't lots of common points between Instapaper and Pinterest. One is focused on making web pages easier to read by getting rid of all superfluous content, the other is an online scrapbook of beautiful images. But there's more to each service, and once you consider them both as ways to save and organize interesting things you find online, the similarities become more apparent and this news makes more sense.

Pinterest is acquiring the Instapaper team from betaworks, the company that bought it from its original developer Marco Arment about three years ago. The financial details of the deal haven't been disclosed yet, but the Instapaper team has announced it on its official blog.

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Instapaper Goes Freemium In v4.0 With Text-To-Speech, Unified Browse, And More

Instapaper was one of the earliest article saving services geared toward mobile devices. However, it took quite a while to come to Android. While Pocket is arguably the king on Android, Instapaper might be a more attractive option now that it's a free app. There's still a subscription that adds features, though.

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Instapaper Updated To Version 3.0 With Text Highlighting, New Logo, Enhanced Design, And More

Instapaper is a popular service for saving web pages to read later, one that competes with the likes of Pocket and Readability. Today the app hit the big 3.0, so I'm going to take a moment to highlight what's new. The headlining feature is text highlighting, the ability to save a section of an article to read or share with others later. The app groups all of these snippets together in an accessible location. These highlights are then synced with other devices and the web.

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There's a catch though. Freemium users are limited to five highlights per month. Removing this restriction requires a $1 monthly payment.

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[New App] Instapaper For Android Lands In The Play Store – Save Webpages For Offline Reading In Style

Instapaper, "a simple tool to save web pages for reading later," is wildly popular among iOS users, but has – until now – eluded Android users. Looking to quench users' thirst for the highly desired app, Mobelux has just made Instapaper live in Google's Play Store.

For those who aren't familiar, Instapaper allows users to quickly, easily save reading material they discover online but don't have time to read right away. The app is able to save just about any webpage in a text-only format, allowing for easy, "distraction-free" reading at your leisure.

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Perhaps the best part about Instapaper is that saved content is stored for offline viewing, meaning users can read their saved content anywhere at any time.

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