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[Update: Full list of devices] Chrome OS Instant Tethering now officially supports 15 new Chromebooks and 30 new phones

Last month we spotted that Instant Tethering — a feature which allows your Chromebook to easily ride your phone's data connection when Wi-Fi isn't available — was appearing on at least a handful of non-Pixel/Nexus phones. It would appear that was an early test, as today Google is formally announcing that Instant Tethering is rolling out to 15 new Chromebooks and 30 new phones.

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Chrome OS Instant Tethering is rolling out to non-Pixel phones

While Chrome OS' offline usability has improved a lot since the platform's early days, there's no denying that an internet connection is still essential to get a lot of things done on a Chromebook. When you're away from WiFi, you can tether your phone's connection, but Google has a smarter ace up its sleeve: Instant Tethering. The feature started showing up two years ago to link two Android devices, was later one of the highlights of the Pixelbook announcement, then expanded to more Chrome OS devices. However, until now, you had to have a Pixel phone (or a Nexus) to set up Instant Tethering.

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