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Riot Games Releases League Friends, An Official Messaging App For The Mega-Popular League Of Legends PC Game

If you don't know what League of Legends is, then you don't spend enough time on Twitch (which is to say that you spend an entirely appropriate amount of time on Twitch). It's one of the biggest games in the ballooning "MOBA" genre, a combination of multiplayer team-based combat and top-down RPG sensibilities that's thrived on a PC-exclusive, free-to-play model. Thanks to League of Legends' highly competitive and social setup, it's become one of the spectacle events around the new boom in professional-level video game competition.

That being the case, it's easy to see why some of the most obsessive players might want to keep track of their league and other game friends for every second of the day.

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VOIP And Messaging App Viber Gets Video Chat And A Visual Refresh For Its 5.0 Release

All the Voice Over IP talk in the last day or two has focused on a certain Google property, but Hangouts isn't the first one available on Android, and certainly not the most full-featured. Seven months after being acquired by Japanese retailing giant Rakuten, mobile call and text app Viber is getting a major refresh. Version 5.0 has a new look for both phones and tablets, but the big news is that the app now supports video calling.

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Viber's implementation of mobile video isn't anything special, but then it hardly needs to be. You can make as many calls as you want to your Viber contacts, and the calls can work seamlessly between desktop and mobile platforms.

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[New App] Glide Instant Video Messaging Now Available On Android, Currently In Beta

Love using Skype and Hangouts but have friends or family that are rarely available to video chat? Glide is an attempt to solve that problem by taking an asynchronous approach to instant messaging. Here's the concept: conversationalists can login with their Facebook credentials, join a chat room, and respond to one another with videos up to 42 seconds in length. Videos are stored in the cloud, available for playback either immediately or some time after their initial posting. There isn't any message limit and data retention is currently unlimited – you won't see your videos disappear in the foreseeable future.

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Glide, which launched on iOS early this year, is the brainchild of Israeli company Glide Talk.

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Samsung's ChatON App Brings An Immersive, Full-Featured Chat Experience To Your Mobile [Sponsored Post]

When it comes to chat applications on Android, there's no shortage of options. We have Gtalk, AIM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and many, many others. Still, in a veritable sea of instant messaging options, Samsung has managed to provide a useful, unique, and feature-rich experience with ChatON.


ChatON is Samsung's way of connecting people - regardless of which platform they use - to their friends, family, and coworkers. It works across all major platforms, including Blackberry, Android (of course), iOS, Bada, and even on feature phones. It also has a tablet-specific interface if you prefer to chat it up on the larger screen.

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PSA: AIM and Google Talk Can Now Talk To Each Other; All 9 AIM Users Are Essited

Last week, TechCrunch posted a little announcement that got all 9 people who still used AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) very excited, as all their buddies had already left the dying empire and migrated to Google Talk, and AIM was starting to get kind of boring without them. AOL to the rescue - the company (or whatever is left of it) quietly announced that starting sometime this week, AIM and Google Talk users would be able to become BFFs again, all without switching away from their respective clients.

As of this morning, the integration of the 2 networks is a go.

AIM users can now add their Gtalk buddies by their Gmail email account - for example, [email protected].

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