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OnePlus Game Space adds custom Instant Games, playtime stats

OnePlus is now publishing updates to its Game Space app on the Play Store — something it has already done for its other proprietary OxygenOS apps and a move that a number of OEMs have taken as well. With the migration, updates can come quicker than firmware updates and the beta app gains two new features.

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Google simplifies requirements for Instant apps and games, support for app ads coming soon

One of the things that's unique to the Play Store compared to other mobile app stores is the ability to try out an app without having to download and install it. Android Instant Apps have been around for over two years now, with support for Instant Games added back in March, allowing potential users to play around with a game before deciding to download the full version. For developers, this provides a golden opportunity to get their app or game into the hands of users who would likely not have downloaded it otherwise, with the only real drawback being the small additional work involved in getting the Instant app up and running.

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Facebook Messenger is testing yet more interface changes, with tabs and Instant Games section

We knew changes were incoming for Facebook Messenger after last month's F8 Developer Conference, during which the focus was largely on better discovery of bots and "Chat Extensions" to add those bots into group conversations. Now it seems Facebook is testing new UI changes, including top-level tabs and a games section in the bottom nav bar.

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