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Android TV milestone: YouTube reaches 50 million installs on the platform

Unlike the mobile Android operating system, Android TV isn't a subject Google often gloats about. Every year or so, we get a small hint about the platform's popularity, but no monthly active users or total sales units have been shared recently, or ever. This lack of marketing has lead many to think Android TV is close to abandoned, when in fact Google has been actively pushing the platform to vendors more than end users. In March, the company announced 160+ TV providers were using its OS. Now, we're getting another hint: YouTube for Android TV has just passed 50 million installs.

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Android Auto app reaches 10 million installs on the Play Store

It's a good milestone day for Android's side-projects and apps. Earlier we reported that the Android Wear app had reached 10 million downloads on the Play Store and now we're seeing the same number for the Android Auto app.

10 million downloads since March of 2015 is a nice number, especially considering that the app is geo-restricted and you either have to be aware that it works on phones without needing a compatible car or have to have purchased a new compatible car or heads-up unit in the past 2 years or so to know about it. By comparison, the Android Wear app has been available for about 3 and half years, is available worldwide, and the cost of entry is much lower (if you don't take into account those who use the Auto app as standalone).

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