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Instagram Catches Up To Cameras, Supports Portrait And Landscape Orientation For Photos And Videos In Version 7.5

Instagram has a reputation. It's true. Whether it's the users who constantly snap pictures of their food or the ubiquitous use of filters, something immediately comes to mind when someone mentions the social network. One major aspect of its identity, for better or worse, is about to disappear. Instagram will no longer exclusively support square imagery.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Instagram is finally acknowledging that cameras don't take pictures in squares. Yes, cropping is a thing, but good cropping is also part of taking a decent shot in the first place. It can be a pain to have to crop things down again.

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Instagram Rolls Out Support For Higher Resolution 1080x1080 Photos

It's easy to hate on Instagram. It's not just that most of the photos have user-applied filters. The photo-centric social network has capped images at 640 by 640. Even if your phone can take a decent shot, it only gets scaled down when you share it with the world.

But now the site is rolling out support for sharper photos on both Android and iOS. Users will be able to upload and view images at a resolution of 1080x1080. Here's the word from Instragram Co-Founder Mike Krieger.

For a while now, the Android version of Instagram has come with image compression that produces worse results than its iOS counterpart.

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Redub, From The Developer Of Repix, Lets You Remix Videos And Dub In Your Voice

Video editing on mobile is still far from perfect - the complexity of the task and the limitations of a small touchscreen mean that getting anything done with precision is tricky. Apps with bite-sized editing like Vine are a good starting point, but we could use something to occupy the middle ground. Enter Redub, a video editing tool from developer Sumoing. It aims to bring a few much-needed tools (and an easy interface) to mobile video editing.

image (1) image (3) image (2)

Sumoing first caught our attention with Repix, a better and more effective take on the Instagram formula. Redub takes the same approach to video: keep the simplicity of more limited apps...

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Instagram's New 'Layout' App Offers Yet Another Way To Crop And Arrange Photo Collages

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then multiple pictures smushed together into the same square-cropped Instagram post must be like a freaking novel. Or a short story at least. The new Layout app from Instagram lets you easily create that sort of photo collage from your gallery, or take new snapshots on the spot. It's aimed at Instagram users, but you can do whatever you want with the images.

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Instagram Updated To v6.20.0 With Three New Filters And Emoji Hashtags

If we had presses, they would be stopped right now. Instagram has announced not one, not two, but three new filters. That means three new ways to mess up your photos! I kid, some people are really into Instagram, so any new stuff is a big deal, and new filters don't come along often.

2015-04-27 14_17_34-Three New Filters and Emoji Hashtags - Instagram Blog

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Instagram 6.19.0 Brings Color And Fade Tools, Available Now In Google Play

Back in December, Instagram made available some new filters for the first time since the app's arrival on Android. These new tools brought even more creative freedom (I know, that's a matter of opinion - just go with it, OK?) to the app, and most hardcore IG users surely appreciated the new options.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 1.24.49 PM

Today, update 6.19.0 is rolling out to Google Play, and it brings a couple of other new tools to the platform: Color and Fade. Basically, Color is a way to add a nice tint to your images, with yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan, and green options available.

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Instagram Passes The 500 Million Installs Milestone, Tries To Catch Siblings Facebook And Messenger

The Instagram Android app has acquired over 500 million installs, a milestone that only a few items in the Play Store can claim. The majority of them come from Google, but Instagram marks the third one from Facebook.

Screenshot 2015-03-23 at 5.49.37 PM

Facebook Messenger passed this bar back in August of last year. By the next month, the main Facebook app managed more than double that amount.

Aside from Google and Facebook, only two other companies have made it into this exclusive club, with one gaining access on a technicality. Microsoft is in, thanks to Skype. The other is Samsung, whose Push Service has managed this many installs with most users not even aware that it exists, let alone actively searching for it in the Play Store.

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Instagram Announces Layout, A Collage App Arriving On Android Sometime In The Coming Months

For mobile photographers, collage apps are second only to filters in their ability to take low-res images and make them look somewhat interesting. Rather than continue to cede this area to competing apps, Instagram has decided to create its own dedicated piece of software. It's called Layout.

Collage1 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Layout can pull photos from your gallery or instantly arrange images as you snap them. Then you drag, resize, flip, or rotate different parts of the collage by tapping, pinching, pulling, and twisting your fingertips against the screen. Naturally users will have the option to share their creativity on their Instagram feeds.

Layout1 Layout2 Layout3

While the app is immediately available in the Apple App Store, but it won't show up for Android for several months.

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