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Instagram Announces New Icons, Makes App Redesign Official

Instagram is ditching its standard retro camera icon. In its place is a new hyper-colorful icon with a simpler representation of the camera. The company's other app icons are getting a similar makeover, and the simplified UI we first glimpsed a few weeks ago is official as well.

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[No Food Jokes] New Instagram UI Rolling Out For Some Users

If you're a regular user of Instagram, you may soon notice some nice changes to its look. The photo sharing service appears to be quietly rolling out a tweaked UI to some users, likely via a server-side switch. There hasn't been any official announcement from the company yet, but on the surface it looks like a lot of the blue has been toned down in favor of black, and there are new icons for the photo controls.

instagram_1 instagram_2 instagram_3

Normally this would be the point where people would put in a cliché joke about people taking pictures of their food, but I'm going to refrain because I actually love Instagram.

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Instagram Now Supports Longer 60 Second Videos (And Multi-Clip Editing On iOS)

Instagram is about more than showcasing what you had for dinner. Since 2013, users have been able to upload videos to the hugely popular photo sharing service, and now Instagram has announced that it's increasing the maximum length of these from 15 seconds to a whole minute.

iOS and Android users will be able to share longer videos starting from today. This will gradually be rolled out to all users over the coming months.

According to Instagram, the change is due to a surge of people engaging with video content, with time spent watching videos through the app having increased by more than 40 percent over the past six months.

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Instagram Will Switch Its Feed From Chronological To Show You Relevant Posts First

Raise your pitchforks and prepare to be outraged. Instagram is following in the footsteps of its big brother / master Facebook and working on switching its feed from chronological order to algorithmic. Maybe it was awed by how much love Facebook users felt toward that change in their feeds and it wanted a piece of the pie.

All sarcasm aside, there's an argument to be made about showing relevant posts first in social networks. If you don't religiously log in every few hours to see what's new and you just occasionally check it out, which is how I personally use Instagram, it would make sense to see content you're most likely to interact with first and not the latest blurry breakfast croissant or random shot from that friend you follow out of obligation, not interest.

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Instagram Will Soon Display View Counts In Place Of Likes Underneath Videos

Instagram is a social network built around sharing photos. In 2015, the service introduced the ability to share video clips. Now it's about to implement another way of determining how popular those videos are becoming.

Right now, the only feedback uploaders can go off are the number of likes and comments they receive. Soon, Instagram will introduce view counts.

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Instagram Is Rolling Out Multi-Account Support In The App This Week

Instagram, that bastion of selfies and food snapshots, is getting a new feature this week in the form of easy account switching. This will be old news to some people who got the feature a few months ago, but now everyone gets to switch between multiple accounts in the app.

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[Update: Back Again] Instagram Now Lets You "3D Touch" Photos On Android

The highlight feature of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is something called "3D Touch" — a way of interacting with the phone by pressing harder on the screen than you regularly would. This is not to be confused with "Force Touch," which is exactly the same thing but on the Apple Watch instead. (One of our readers pointed out that there is a slight difference: 3D Touch has a few more levels of pressure sensitivity than Force Touch.) Shakespeare would probably have told you that a feature by any other name would be as gimmicky, but I digress.

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[This Is Actual News] Instagram Starts Rolling Out Multiple Account Support On Android

Here's something refreshingly different for you on this fine regular Friday morning: Instagram is working on multiple account support on Android and if you're lucky enough you might already have the option inside your app. Cue in gasps of amazement. Who needs this, you might ask? Well, small business owners who have a personal and a work account, social media managers, and their ilk. This option will negate the need for mods like Instwogram and allow access to multiple accounts on the same device. And surprisingly, it isn't there on the iOS version of the app yet. WHAT?!

The feature shows up for me and for our tipster on version 7.12.0 of the app, which you can get either from APK Mirror or by enrolling in the app's official Play Store beta testing program.

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Instagram Releases Boomerang App To Make Brief Mini Videos That Totally Aren't GIFs

GIFs are nothing new, but these days, they're mainstream and everywhere. That has driven big tech companies to come up with their own approaches for awkwardly animating pictures. Google automatically strings together several similar images and lets you export them as GIFs. Apple doesn't call them GIFs―they're Live Photos. Now Instagram is introducing Boomerangs, which you create using its new app called Boomerang.

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