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Insta360 Black Friday sale drops One X to $339 ($61 off), other models and accessories up to 43% off

Action cameras had their day, but now a lot of attention has shifted to 360 cameras for their ability to capture everything without worrying about keeping the camera pointed in the right direction. When Insta360 launched its flagship model, the One X, it became the camera to beat. Like many other companies, the Black Friday deals have been rolling, and Insta360 is no different. You can pick up just about everything from the online store for a discount through the end of Cyber Monday.

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Insta360 One X review: A luxury 360-degree action camera worth the splurge

Depending on the tech circle you're in, 360 cameras may either be the most superfluous fad or the coolest thing. I used to be in the former camp and my LG 360 Cam collected dust in a drawer for years, but over the past months, I've found a new appreciation for the product category. It's partly thanks to the number of cool "tiny planet" creators I follow on Instagram, but most importantly, it's because of a shift in my understanding of what a 360-degree camera can do.

If you think that these cams are only good for photospheres and VR, you're missing out.

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Insta360 announces the ONE X: 360-degree 5.7K action camera for $400

For most people, 360-degree cameras are a novelty item that they're willing to spend a maximum of $100 on, just to see what the fuss is about. That nets them a low-resolution, low-quality sensor, with limited features. For those who get bitten by the 360-degree bug though, a cheap camera won't do. The higher the resolution and specs, the better. And that's where the new Insta360 ONE X lands. It's capable of taking 5.7K videos and comes with built-in stabilization, for an awesome shoot-now-edit-later approach.

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