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Herocraft's FootLOL Mixes Soccer, Tower Defense, Cannons, Cows, Aliens, Bombers, And Anything Else They Can Cram Into A Mobile Game

Soccer games and tower defense games seem to have reached their design peak - while you see a new idea every once in a while, both genres are relatively static. That's probably what makes FootLOL so interesting: it mixes both genres, and a bunch of other random insanity, to make something wholly unique. And also insane. Just have a gander at the trailer below and see if you can scrape together the few bits of coherence in the gameplay.

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The World Might Not Need A YouTube App For Android Wear (Complete With Chromecast Support), But Now It Has One

Video on your watch. Video... on your watch. Yup, it's a thing now. And not just any video, millions and millions of videos (at least 20% of which feature cats) on the world's biggest distribution service. Pack it in, NASA. Hit the showers, CERN. Go suck eggs, DARPA. There's no need to try anymore: now that we've got a YouTube app for Android Wear, humanity has reached its absolute peak.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube comes from appfour, the developer of AIDE, Gmail for Wear, and the Android Wear web browser.

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You Can Run Windows 95 On Android Wear, If You're Patient, Methodical, And Slightly Insane

Remember that guy who coaxed the Android version of Minecraft to run on his Samsung Gear Live? It looks like YouTube user Corbin Davenport has found a new hobby. In addition to running the ancient PC shooter Doom on Android Wear (respect the classics), he's now managed to get Windows 95 to boot on the thing.

Warning: techno music.

Well, sort of. Windows 95 is running in ADosBox, one of several DOS emulators available on the Google Play Store.

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[#DisruptOverload] The Portal Is Everything Wrong With Smartwatches And Everything Wrong With Crowdfunding At The Same Time

Update: Portal has been removed from IndieGoGo after a patent troll issued a DMCA takedown notice. Organizer and creator Arubixs is fighting back. This should be entertaining.


Over the past year or so, we've seen project after project overpromise and under-deliver on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There's a deep and cruel streak of cynicism running through the world of hardware crowdfunding, but you can't say that it's undeserved: look at the travesty that is the Kreyos smartwatch, the disappointment of the iMpulse controller and the Pressy, and almost laughable vaporware like the Smarty Ring, now six months overdue without even a working prototype to show for it.

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$19,000 Can Buy You An Android-Powered 84-Inch Touchscreen 4K Television From Viewsonic, But It Can't Buy KitKat

Hey, you! Insanely rich person with poor impulse control! Don't you wish the irresponsibly gigantic television in your palatial living room had a touchscreen, so you could walk half an acre across your designer carpet to play 2048? Well now you can, as long as you're willing to throw a few monetary scraps to Viewsonic. The CDE8451-TL is an 84" 4K TV with a touchscreen and Android. For $18,999. For some reason.

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Ubuntu Edge Phone Looks Cool And Dual-Boots Android, Probably Isn't Worth The $32 Million Indiegogo Campaign [Update: $3.4 Million Already]

So, the folks at Canonical have been talking up their Ubuntu smartphone platform for a little over six months. Today they revealed their ultimate plan to revolutionize the smartphone world, a fantastic Death Star of a concept device: the Ubuntu Edge. It's a beautiful slab of metal that features some of the most outlandish mobile hardware ever seen, it runs Ubuntu for smartphones, doubles as a dockable ARM-powered desktop, and dual-boots Android.

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You're Wasting Four Minutes Of Your Life If You're Not Watching This Guy Create An Optimus G Out Of Diamonds With His Mind

I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? LG? Making an interesting video? Pshaw, I say! Before you dismiss it, though, let me ask you something. Have you ever seen a phone built out of magic and diamonds?! No? Then I've got something new to show you. In this four-minute promo video for the LG Optimus G, we see a man who is, apparently, a sparkle bender, forge a block of pure obsidian, then literally carve the phone out of this block with telekinesis.

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[Updated: Videos] Stuntmen Just Jumped Out Of An Airplane, Biked Across Rooftops And Rappelled Down Buildings To Introduce Google Glass

We've been hearing things about Google Glass, the Google-powered eyeball accessory, for a while now. While the device isn't quite ready for consumers (and won't be for a while), we got an extensive look at what these devices can do... right after Google-hired stuntmen jumped out of an airplane while on a Glass-based Hangout, then proceeded to bike across rooftops, rappel down the side of the Moscone Conference Center, and finally bike into the I/O keynote to deliver the device on stage to Sergey Brin.

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