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Ingress comes to Netflix with debut of new animated series

Niantic has officially announced the global release of Ingress: The Animation on Netflix, which is clearly themed around the developer's hit augmented reality game Ingress Prime. We first learned about the CG-animated series back in July of 2018, and that the show had a planned launch for October of that year. Well, that loose release date came and went, so if you had been wondering when the show would actually arrive, today's the day.

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[Update: Scanner REDACTED is out] Niantic updates Ingress to Ingress Prime, and fans aren't happy

Back in December of 2017 we learned that Niantic would be rebooting its aging augmented reality mobile game Ingress into something called Ingress Prime. After a lot of fan feedback and a delayed release, Ingress Prime is finally heading out to users. This major update basically replaces the old game and attempts to deliver plenty of quality-of-life upgrades and a flashy new UI. Sadly, it would seem that these changes also introduce some new problems, and the player base isn't very pleased.

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'Ingress: The Animation' anime series coming to Netflix in October

Before it became world-famous for Pokemon Go, Niantic's only mobile game was Ingress. It was released in 2012, and the primary goal is to take control of portals located next to landmarks in the real world. Even though Ingress never achieved the massive level of popularity that Pokemon Go hit at its peak, the game still has a large amount of active players.

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Niantic teases Ingress Prime, the next generation of its original AR game

Niantic might be most well-known now for Pokémon Go, but that title was actually the company's sophomore entry into the world of AR games. Its first was a sci-fi effort called Ingress, and it came out all the way back in 2012. Ingress never quite reached the popularity of its Pokémon-based successor, but there is still a passionate community surrounding it. Yesterday Niantic announced a "reboot" coming in 2018 for the title, to be called Ingress Prime. 

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[Deal Alert] Official Niantic Labs-Licensed Cheero Ingress Power Cube With 12,000mAh Capacity Drops Below $30 On Amazon

Ingress players are a special breed. They're willing to take their phones out in public and walk around staring at their phones. Okay, maybe they're not all that different from other Android gamers after all. Nonetheless, their game of choice requires they go out and explore, and that means running the risk of a dead battery.

Cheero made a battery specifically for Ingress players, and it has been officially licensed by the game's creator, Niantic Labs.

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Google's Niantic Labs Is Becoming Its Own Company, But It Won't Be In The Alphabet Soup

Google's Niantic Labs is perhaps best known as the developer of the popular augmented reality game Ingress (it also makes the exploration app Field Trip). In the wake of the Alphabet announcement, Niantic is leaving Google behind, but not in the way you think. Google is spinning off the developer completely, turning it into an independent company.

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Ingress Gets Android Wear Support In Version 1.81, Becomes Only Marginally Less Awkward To Play In Public

In February of this year, Google said that Ingress would soon work on Android Wear. It provided this preview image, which provides a rundown of what functionality to expect.

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Pac-Man Invades Ingress And Google Maps As Google Gets April Fools Started A Little Early

You know what day it is. Yes, it's March 31st, and that means the April Fools onslaught has commenced... because what's better than one day when the internet becomes an annoying cacophony of fake news? Two of them, apparently. In fairness, Google's pranks are usually less annoying than they are fun little games. Case in point, Pac-Man is invading Maps and Ingress.


Rumor: According To The Information, Google's Working On An Ingress TV Show

Google's Ingress, made by Niantic Labs, has been quite a phenomenon. Those who have paid attention know the game has had a storied history since its initial launch as a closed beta in 2012, and a quick Google+ search shows that engagement doesn't really seem to be slowing down. The Ingress YouTube channel continues to pump out content and updates for players on various in-game goings on.

But, according to a report from The Information, Google isn't content to just have a cult hit of a game on its hands. Google has partnered with Sean Daniel Co. to make a television show based on the game, with producers "in talks with candidates to serve as its showrunner." This information comes from "two people who have been involved in the discussions."

Despite this somewhat surprising rumor, The Info is sure to note that this "doesn't appear to reflect a broader move into film or TV production by Google," and that Google "isn't particularly interested in cashing in on Ingress' worldwide audience, instead viewing the TV show as a deeper extension into the game's hybrid reality-fictional world and a way to provide a more intimate connection with its players."

Indeed, the hybrid nature of the game is one of the facets that propelled it to popularity as users choose sides and vie for portals at real-world physical locations, sometimes cooperating across factions to produce "faction art" like this dragon in Norwich.

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[New App] Ingress Players Now Have A Slick-Looking, Non-Official Android Wear Watchface To Call Their Own

If you've managed to stick with Ingress for a year or two now, then maybe you should show others just how committed you are. There's no need for anything extravagant. Those of you who happen to own an Android Wear device can just head over to the Play Store and give this free Ingress-integrated watchface a download. Then when people see it, they will be, well, just as confused as they were when they saw you hanging out by that old, abandoned record store last weekend.

i1 i3 i2

This non-official app hits your watch with an Ingress theme that can display your level (if you're higher than level 8), cycle countdown, faction logo, and, of course, the time.

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