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Volvo's electric Polestar 2 will be the first car to feature Android Automotive

Back at I/O '17, Google announced that Volvo and Audi would be the first manufacturers to introduce a standalone, more deeply integrated version of Android Auto. One year later, at I/O '18, Google actually showed off several cars with prototypes of what it now called "Android Automotive." Now that Volvo has revealed that its all-electric Polestar 2 will be the first car with Android Automotive onboard, we finally have a more concrete arrival date for Google's long-awaited infotainment system.

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Android Auto less distracting than native infotainment systems, study finds

Research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are less distracting than various infotainment systems built into 10 model year 2017 and 2018 vehicles. The study compared how much attention various tasks require on each platform and found Android Auto's attention demand to be moderate, whereas overall demand of native systems was found to be very high.

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Android Automotive updates from CES 2018: 8.0 Oreo, Google Assistant, fancy head units, and more

Android Automotive remains something of an obscurity, but companies are still happy to tout their latest progress with the platform (or something like it), especially on a stage as large as CES 2018. Before we get to that, it's probably worthwhile to distinguish between Android Automotive and Android Auto: Android Automotive is a standalone, in-vehicle infotainment and control system running Android — basically Android OS for your car. This is a more appealing proposition than the rather laggy experience that is Android Auto, which just projects what's on your phone to an interface that sits in your car.

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Panasonic Automotive and Qualcomm join forces on yet another Android-based concept car infotainment system

Well, this is a bit surprising. Fiat Chrysler and Google announced a collaboration earlier this week to create a new Android-based automotive infotainment system — now Panasonic Automotive and Qualcomm are joining forces to create another one. They are touting this concept as "next-generation," whatever that means anymore.

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Fiat Chrysler and Google team up on a concept automotive infotainment system powered by Android

CES is upon us and the cool, new announcements are incoming. Showing itself to be an early bird, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced a collaboration on a new concept for an automobile infotainment system powered by Android. Goody, another one.

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In response to huge US traffic death surge, NHTSA proposing stricter in-vehicle smartphone guidelines

If you've been reading anything about traffic fatalities in the United States in the last year or so, you've probably heard that we're in the midst of a rather alarming increase in the number of people dying on American roads. In 2015, over 38,000 people were killed in vehicular incidents (this includes pedestrians, cyclists, solo crashes, and multi-vehicle accidents). That was an increase of 7.2% over 2014. 2016 is looking much worse yet, seeing a surge of around 10% over the already grim 2015 numbers. For comparison, the traffic death rate per 100 million vehicle miles is also way up, the worst it's been in seven years (i.e., this is not a simple result of more miles being driven).

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Your Next Honda Infotainment System May Be Powered By NVIDIA Tegra, But It's No Android Auto

Honda and NVIDIA have partnered up to supply future 2015 Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V owners with a Tegra-powered infotainment system for them to totally not interact with while driving. The interface will be based on Android, but it's utilizing the aging (or at this point, we can just say old) build of 4.0.4. We may be excited to see Android work its way into more cars, but Auto, this is not.


Aside from looking dated, ugly, and just like any other car infotainment system, there isn't much we can say about the actual UI. It hardly looks Google-y, though the app drawer icon in the bottom right corner sure seems familiar.

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