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YouTube AR makeup ads now in alpha for iOS as Google pushes 3D web ads

Linear, two-dimensional advertising remains the norm today, but it soon may give way to more immersive, three-dimensional experiences that incorporate augmented reality and interactive elements. Google has just announced some new tools for brands to take advantage of to up their engagement game both in web ads and on YouTube — we think you should be aware of them.

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Google launches FameBit marketing app for influencers on the go

If you aren't a Youtube content creator, then you probably aren't familiar with FameBit — unless you remember the (now debunked) Pixel 3 release date rumor from last month. For the uninitiated, it's a service for YouTubers and other content creators to connect with marketers, helping "influencers" make a bit of cash with sponsored content. And now, conveniently enough for both parties, Google has released an app for it.

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