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Instagram is adding random people's posts to your Feed again

In its ongoing quest to get your eyes on as much content on its platform as possible, Instagram is testing a new recommended posts feature in its Feed that suggests posts from accounts you don't currently follow once you're caught up on posts from the ones you do. The social media platform tested a similar feature late last year.

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WhatsApp has received many small UI changes lately: continuous scroll in history (finally!), new group and broadcast layouts, olympic emoji, more

It's been a while since we've done these WhatsApp posts to talk about all the little changes that the app has received and that don't warrant an entire post. But they've started to add up and it's finally time for me to sit down, sift through the hundreds of tips emails and chats and screenshots, find the different modifications, and tell you all about them in case you missed them.

Some of these changes go as far back as the beginning of May and version 2.16.76 of WhatsApp while others are new and only seen in the most recent 2.16.141 beta.

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Launcher Pro v0.8.2 Brings Virtual Homescreen Looping, Recent Apps Dock Popup

Launcher Pro, one of the greatest Android homescreen replacements (Sense who?), received an update today with 2 excellent new features: virtual homescreen looping and a Recent Apps dock popup.

The virtual looping feature enables scrolling past the leftmost or rightmost homescreens with a quick bounce-to-the-opposite-end effect. While Fede implemented it this way instead of an endless scroll for technical reasons, I think it's visually a lot better and clearer, as you will still know when you've reached the end and won't feel lost in your own homescreen forest.

Joining SMS, missed calls, and bookmarks, the 2nd feature is a new swipe gesture dock popup called Recent Apps.

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