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Google announces Android P: Notch support, multi-camera API, indoor positioning, and more

We expected Android P to land in mid-March, possibly as a whimsical reference to Pie day (3/14), but it turns out we don't have to wait this long. Android P is now official and as with years past, we're getting the first developer preview today with zero allusion as to what the full name might be. The image above could be a bit reminiscent of popsicles, but that's possibly Google just trolling everyone.

There are many new features and APIs available to developers, but before we get started on that, let me answer your most urgent questions:

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Google's new Visual Positioning Service will guide you through indoor locations

We are all familiar with GPS. It has been guiding us to our destinations for years. But what happens when you arrive and you need to find a specific store in the mall or a specific item in a grocery store? Google will have you covered with a new technology it announced today called "Visual Positioning Service" or VPS. This technology builds on the idea of augmented reality tightly coupled with real world information. It will look for distinct visual features in your environment to create a map of the location using only the camera on your phone.

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Xperia Labs' Smart Office Doesn't Want You To Get Lost In Your Big Office Anymore

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Android N 24/7 coverage to bring you this important breaking news segment.

Do you work in a big office building of several floors with hundreds of others employees and dozens of different divisions interspersed without any logic? Do you find trouble navigating that office when you have a meeting or lose time looking for the coworkers you need to collaborate with? Then Sony has the solution to your woes.

From Xperia Labs comes Smart Office, an app that requires "Sony mobile's indoor positioning" installation. What that hardware is or how your boss can get their hands on it, I couldn't tell, but the app's developers say you can get in touch if you're interested in installing it in your facilities.

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