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YouTube Go is a data-friendly version of YouTube, rolling out gradually in India

The YouTube team has been making lots of efforts over the past couple of years to bring its service and millions of videos to more users worldwide. This involves those who have access to fast internet connections and plenty of data, but also those who have very little data bandwidth and are still limited to 2G or congested 3G. Video, by default, doesn't fit well with the latter, but through conscious efforts like YouTube Accelerator and YouTube Offline, it can reach more of those devices and people who would seemingly be off-limits.

YouTube Go seems to be the culmination of these efforts.

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Google Search in India now lets you flip between English and Hindi results

Those of us who live in countries where multiple languages are spoken have to always walk the thin line between them, choose which one is the default on their phone, find a keyboard that handles several languages well, and continuously pick their preferred language in Google search results.

If you live in India, you're probably used to the torture that is having to find search results in English or Hindi, depending on the situation you're in. But your life is about to get just a lil' bit easier with this new feature. Google is rolling out a tab to switch between English and Hindi search results with a simple click.

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6GB/64GB OnePlus 3 to be an Amazon Exclusive in India, priced at Rs. 27,999

The OnePlus 3 has been in the news so frequently these past few weeks that we're more than ready for the phone to be officially announced so we can move on from all the rumors. And speaking of rumors, after getting our clearest look yet at the device yesterday, we thought we were done with the leaks, but it seems that there's more to learn about the 3, and from very official and reliable sources to boot.

People in India who happened to check the Hindustan Times newspaper today might have noticed an interesting ad taking up a huge space in one of the pages.

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Google's Street View Plans In India Get Rejected For Security Concerns

Google Street View is awesome. With just a few taps of a button, you can get transported to new countries to explore their streets, landscapes, museums, and more. I remember using it two years ago to get a feel for my hotel's location in London and check the distance between the metro station exit and the hotel. I didn't want to look like a complete tourist upon my arrival for my first vacation in the city.

But Street View has caused lots of security and privacy concerns. Some countries have outright banned Google from driving their streets, others have spent years arguing with Google until they let it start collecting information (like Greece), and others have citizens who asked Google to blur their houses, and so on.

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The Nextbit Robin Will Launch In India On May 30 For Rs. 19,999 (About $300)

The Nextbit Robin is an interesting phone. It might not be the best device you can get, but it sure does have a unique style and cloud-based feature set. Now, the Robin is expanding to India, and the price is a bit lower than in other markets at Rs. 19,999, which is the equivalent of around $300. It's $100 more in the US.

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India Gets Google Play Direct Carrier Billing On Idea Cellular

About a week ago, a couple of readers reported to us that direct carrier billing was showing up for Idea Cellular subscribers in India, but it seemed at the time that the feature wasn't live for everyone and wasn't working reliably for those who had it. Now it's official: the Google Asia Pacific Blog has announced the availability of carrier billing on Idea Cellular.

The post explains how direct carrier billing has positively impacted purchases on Google Play, citing Indonesia as an example of 4x growth in the number of people who make app and in-app purchases after the introduction of operator billing.

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Chromecast 2015 And Chromecast Audio Now Available In Hong Kong And Taiwan, Plus Some Indian Retailers

About a month ago we spotted two new entries in the country availability listings for the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio: Taiwan and India. Today both of those are coming true (though India is somewhat conditional - see below), and you can add Hong Kong into the mix. For both Hong Kong and Taiwan, the streaming gadgets are now available on their respective Google Stores. The Chromecast 2015 and Chromecast Audio are HK$349 (around $45 USD) in Hong Kong and NT$1445 ($44.75) in Taiwan.

In India, things are a little more complicated. The new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio aren't available directly from the Google Store.

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The HTC 10 Lifestyle Is A Snapdragon 652 Variant Of The Phone, Headed To Some Markets Including India, Indonesia, And China

When it announced the HTC 10 yesterday, the company snuck in an interesting tidbit in its press release regarding the availability of two variants with different Snapdragon processors that are headed to different markets. It turns out that the second variant is the HTC 10 Lifestyle and it's been shown on several of HTC's global websites, hinting at its release there instead of the regular 10 model.

If you head over to the smartphone's page on HTC's site in India, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or Myanmar, you'll see a small "Lifestyle" written next to the HTC 10's name.

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Chromecast 2015 And Chromecast Audio Should Be Available In India And Taiwan Soon

The original Chromecast was a streaming sensation thanks to ease of use and a low price point. The second generation, while generally well-received, still hasn't made its way to all of Google's various international markets. The next countries to get a chance to buy the Chromecast 2015 and its little brother the Chromecast Audio appear to be India and Taiwan. Both countries were recently added to Google's official hardware availability page.

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[Update: Device Renders Replaced] For $4 You Can Get India's New Low-End Smartphone: Freedom 251

For $4, you can get an average cup of coffee, or two bottles of water, or maybe a decent sandwich. If you live in India, that same $4 can get you a brand new smartphone from handset maker Ringing Bells. Sorry, I meant $3.67 at the current exchange rate. Excuse me while my mind gets blown into teeny tiny pieces. WHAAAAAAAAAA?!

OK, I'm back. So we were talking about that new $4 $3.67 smartphone. It's called the Freedom 251 because it costs Rs. 251. Clever. It will be officially unveiled later today by Defence minister Manohar Parrikkar likely as part of his "Make in India" initiative which aims to move production lines to India, but the phone's official page is already up and we can spot some of its specs.

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