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[Update: Fixed] Viacom apps mysteriously breaking compatibility with Android TV, play disappearing act with launcher

We might be fans of Android in general here, but we've also been vocal critics of Android TV—though Google promises to make things better someday. But even in its current form, it's a popular platform for many via devices like Nvidia's SHIELD TV. In a strange development, Viacom appears to have removed Android TV support for many of its apps, including Comedy Central, VH1, MTV, and BET. Even weirder, for a brief period some of the apps themselves seemed to have disappeared from Android TV devices. 

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AOL Releases AOL On And HuffPost Live For Android TV, But They're Incompatible With Everything So Far (Even The ADT-1)

Those few Android developers and other fanatics who got a pricey Golden Ticket to Google I/O are the first to experience Android TV, thanks to the ADT-1 developer set-top boxes that were distributed at the show. They get to try out all the cool new Android TV apps months before everyone else. Except today - today, AOL allows those users to feel solidarity with everyone else, because there are new apps that they can't play with. For some reason.

unnamed (1)

AOL published both AOL On and HuffPost Live for Android TV to the Play Store, marked as incompatible with everything including the ADT-1.

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[New App] Official PGA Championship 2013 App Chips In To The Play Store, No Tablets Allowed

The NFL pre-season started this week. That doesn't have anything to do with the PGA, but I thought it might liven up this story about a golf app.

 unnamed (5) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

PGA Championship is the official Android app for the eponymous sporting event. It's sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, and by "sponsored," I mean that there appears to be a photo of a car that I can't afford on a lot of the app screens. That sponsorship does come with some nice perks, namely live score updates and free video coverage of the championship, no cable subscription required. Of course, the "Countdown to Rochester" screen probably would have been more useful if the app hadn't been published late yesterday, August 8th, on the opening day of the tournament.

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PSA: Android 4.3 Breaks Compatibility With Many Bluetooth Keyboards

There's no denying the usefulness of a keyboard when doing a lot of text input on Android, and there's no shortage of Bluetooth options that fit the bill perfectly. Anyone who spends a lot of time in email or a text editor likely has one of these handy little accessories laying around, but if that user also owns a Nexus device with 4.3, then they're in for a bit of a surprise the next time it's paired up: many Bluetooth keyboards no longer work post-update.

Screenshot_2013-08-02-12-15-08 Screenshot_2013-08-02-12-15-28 Screenshot_2013-08-02-12-15-45

We first got wind of this issue through a tip from reader Tom Henriksen, who cited several different forum posts as proof that this is indeed a verifiable issue.

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[PSA] Google Wallet Not Officially Compatible With The 2013 Nexus 7 [Updated]

Update: Director of Product Management for Google Wallet Peter Hazlehurst dropped by our comments section below to confirm that Wallet is not compatible with the new Nexus 7 for the same reason as the HTC One Play Edition – the device does not carry a secure element, the small bit of hardware required to store encrypted card credentials on a device. This is required in order for Wallet to function, well, securely.

If you're the owner of a 2013 Nexus 7 and if were planning on using Google's own mobile payment solution with the NFC-toting slab, you may be surprised to learn that Google Wallet is in fact not compatible with the latest seven-inch addition to the Nexus family.

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[Update: Fixed] PSA: Don't Panic - Google+ v4.0 Is Currently Only Compatible With Android 2.2 - 2.3.7, But Google Is Working On A Fix

Hordes of excited Google+ users trying to get the new v4.0 update of their favorite Android app were puzzled this morning when their devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean were suddenly listed as incompatible. Numerous "WAT?!"s were exclaimed and heart attacks had, but don't worry, Google isn't canning Google+.


As you can see, the reason your devices are incompatible is simple - the Google+ team set the app compatibility to just Froyo and Gingerbread. As we suspected, it's just a temporary glitch - a Google+ engineer and Vic Gundotra already confirmed that the company is aware of the problem caused by a faulty manifest and is working on a fix:

image image

So sit tight, folks.

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[Updated: Com2uS Responds] Com2uS Sparks A River Of One-Star Reviews Due To Change Of Heart Regarding Root Functionality In Homerun Battle 3D

A sudden change of heart on the part of Com2uS has left many customers of its popular game Homerun Battle 3D infuriated, triggering a downpour of one-star ratings and requests for refunds.

The impetus behind this turmoil is the fact that Com2uS' latest update for Homerun Battle 3D has made it impossible for users running rooted devices to play the game. This decision came after between 100k and 500k purchases had already been made. Users are (rightfully) downgrading their review scores in light of the development, and many are asking for refunds as compensation for the developers' decision.


Com2uS updated the game's Market listing when the latest version became available, adding a note which reads "this version does not support gameplay in rooting condition.

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