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Some Nexus Owners Are Having Syncing Issues In Gmail, Inbox, And Other Apps

If you've been experiencing some intermittent problems getting timely email alerts on your Nexus phone, you're not alone. According to lengthy threads on both Google's official Nexus Help Forum and the AOSP issue tracker, quite a few Android users running Android 6.0 and later builds on Nexus hardware are seeing similar issues. The problem seems to result in late or missing notifications for Gmail and Inbox, as well as less frequent alerts for other apps, and less definable errors with some Google services like Google Now.

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Inbox By Gmail Makes Trip Bundles Shareable, Improves Photo Attachments [APK Download]

Inbox by Gmail likes to group mail together. That's much of what makes the app special. Instead of weaving through an endless sea of messages, you just dive into various groups called bundles.

Trip bundles take all of the mail from a single trip and sort them together. Google also mines the contents of these messages to show you an agenda card that consolidates key information into a single place.

Now Google is introducing the option to share these trip bundles.

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PSA: Inbox By Gmail Can Now Handle Mailto: Links On Desktop

You click an email address in a web browser on your laptop all ready to type out a message and boom.

What is this?

You find yourself staring at the wrong compose window.

Instead of Inbox by Gmail, you're back in plain old Gmail. Sure, it's the same email account, and it will still get the job done, but come on.

Well, now you can set Inbox as your default option.

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Inbox On The Web Now Supports Drag & Drop And Copy & Paste For Images Into Email Composer, A Long-Loved Gmail Feature


Inbox v1.12 Shows Signs Of New Snooze Options, Contact Tags, And Its Own App For Android Wear [APK Teardown + Download]

Inbox for Gmail continues to stack on new features and refine its existing capabilities. While it may never fit the needs of many Gmail users, it has earned a strong following of fans that couldn't live without it. The latest release doesn't appear to add anything to the user experience, but a teardown shows a few of the changes that may be on the horizon.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong. There is always a chance that details may change or plans may be cancelled prior to the launch of a new feature discovered in a teardown.
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Welcome To The Future: Inbox By Gmail Now Offers Text Formatting In Replies On The Web

Inbox by Gmail is sort of an oddball started out as a simple, "fast" alternative to traditional email. The thing with that is, while convenient at first, it was quickly noticed how much stuff is actually missing. You know, stuff that most users want to use on a daily basis.


Over time, Google has added in several necessary features to Inbox, making it much more serviceable than it was at launch. As of yesterday, text formatting in replies on the web joins that list, so users are now able to use numbered and bulleted lists; bold, italics, and underline; and enter links.

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Inbox By Gmail Poised To Automatically Suggest The Best Time For Snoozed Emails To Come Back

Since its inception it seems that Inbox, by Google's Gmail team, has had the goal of streamlining your email experience in mind. To accomplish that goal, it makes every email a task, lets you quickly triage messages, and pulls out highlights like reservations, plane tickets, or attachments for faster access. But, according to the official Gmail blog, Inbox is getting one more cool feature starting now: the ability to automatically choose the best snooze date for your messages. For those unfamiliar, a "snoozed" message is temporarily dismissed, bubbling back up to your inbox at the selected date and time.

With this new feature, the app will take a look at certain types of emails to pull out the relevant date and provide a perfect time option in the snooze menu.

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Inbox App Now Offers To Create A Reminder When You Try To Email Yourself

We've all done it—you need to make sure you have a note or reminder so you email it to yourself. Google's Inbox app now gently urges you not to be such an impatient savage and use the proper tools instead. If you try to email yourself, it'll offer to create an Inbox reminder.

2015-07-13 20.18.57 2015-07-13 20.19.25

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Undo Send Graduates From Gmail Labs On The Web, Still Only Available In Inbox On Android


Inbox v1.9 Adds New Compose And Reminder Home Screen Shortcuts [APK Download]

The updates came rolling in quickly this morning. Among them was a fresh bump to Google's Inbox app – the email app for people without time for email. This release was a little light on truly new features as far as the main interface is concerned, but it finally brought a feature to light we've been expecting for a few months: home screen shortcuts to jump straight into writing a new email or scheduling reminders.

2015-06-10 23.46.302015-06-10 23.58.25

The new shortcuts are called Compose and Reminders. They were first revealed during a Teardown of Inbox in early March and they appear to work as expected.

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