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Inbox On the Web Finally Gets Support For Rich Text Formatting

Until now, Google's Inbox has been a sea of largely uniform text on the web. This was lacking in style, and Google has finally gotten the message. Starting today, Inbox supports rich text formatting.

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Inbox v1.24 Hints At New Virtual Assistant To Help Keep Your Current Tasks Organized [APK Teardown]

Inbox has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for people that haven't got the time or patience (or a crazy set of filters) to deal with a constant barrage of incoming mail. Not only that, but it has been progressively gaining features that make it reasonably competent as a to-do list and time management tool. In the latest update to Inbox, there's evidence that Google is about to take this another step in this direction by adding an "assistant" to help with keeping emails and tasks readily available.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based on evidence found inside of apks (Android's application package) and are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete information.
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[Hands-On] Boomerang Brings An Inbox-Like Approach To All Of Your Notifications

Notifications are the bread and butter of our Android experience. Something happens, we get a notification. It could be as urgent as a new email from our boss telling us that we missed a comma in a post (stuff like that has been known to happen when your boss is Artem) or as ordinary as a new Twitter mention or a shipping status change on an order or a new episode available of your favorite series. The difference between how you act on these notifications is huge. You can instantly tap to check a notification or, if you're on Android N, directly reply to it, you can dismiss it without a second look because it's not something you care about all that much, or you can leave it hanging in your notification shade as a reminder to check later.

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Inbox Gets Support For Streamlined Events, Glanceable Newsletters, And Saved Links

Google is rolling out some big features for Inbox today aimed at making it easier to stay on top of the deluge of email you probably deal with. That's really the idea behind Inbox itself, so this all goes to the heart of what makes Inbox preferable to boring old Gmail for some. This app is getting three new experiences including better event overviews, newsletter link previews, and a "save to Inbox" feature with its own Chrome extension.

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Inbox v1.18 Hints At Convenient Shortcut For Sharing Files From Drive [APK Teardown]

Inbox is all about convenience and efficiency. Every couple of updates bring some kind of feature that provides contextually relevant information or automates some action so it becomes fairly painless. The latest Inbox update to v1.18 contains some details that betray yet another one of these shortcuts: a direct method for modifying the sharing options of a file in Google Drive.

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Inbox's Snooze Feature Gets Even More Robust With New 'Later This Week' And 'Weekend' Options

I still don't get the whole Inbox thing — I've tried it, and it's just not my cup of tea. Still, I get why people love it (even if it just doesn't go well with my workflow), and I'm glad that it exists. I like options. If you're one of the folks who happen to use Inbox, you may be interested in some new stuff Google has been cooking up and just implemented into the app: "later this week" and "weekend" snooze options. I'm not sure why you'd want to put an email off till the weekend, but you know what, that's your choice and I respect that.

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Inbox Adds Improved Search With Smart Results Right At The Top

Gmail is still Google's flagship email product, but Inbox is growing and evolving in interesting ways. Today, Google is announcing two improvements to search functionality in Inbox. Searches can now bring up quick answer cards, and your search results will be grouped by relevance.

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Google Drive On The Desktop Lets You Drag And Drop From Search Results, Inbox By Gmail Provides Easier Access To Recent Attachments

There's a solid chance that if you're using Google Drive or Inbox by Gmail on your phone, you probably use the desktop versions too. Google has recently rolled out some improvements to both.

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Some Nexus Owners Are Having Syncing Issues In Gmail, Inbox, And Other Apps

If you've been experiencing some intermittent problems getting timely email alerts on your Nexus phone, you're not alone. According to lengthy threads on both Google's official Nexus Help Forum and the AOSP issue tracker, quite a few Android users running Android 6.0 and later builds on Nexus hardware are seeing similar issues. The problem seems to result in late or missing notifications for Gmail and Inbox, as well as less frequent alerts for other apps, and less definable errors with some Google services like Google Now.

The issue tracker entry has been starred by 140 people at the time of writing, indicating a fairly widespread problem, though it isn't universal.

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Inbox By Gmail Makes Trip Bundles Shareable, Improves Photo Attachments [APK Download]

Inbox by Gmail likes to group mail together. That's much of what makes the app special. Instead of weaving through an endless sea of messages, you just dive into various groups called bundles.

Trip bundles take all of the mail from a single trip and sort them together. Google also mines the contents of these messages to show you an agenda card that consolidates key information into a single place.

Now Google is introducing the option to share these trip bundles.

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