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The Inbox By Gmail Team Is Working On Signatures And Delete, But Don't Hold Your Breath For Mark As Unread

As he is wont to do, Artem likes to grumble on Google+ about various apps, services, devices, and things that don't work as perfectly as he expects them to. His latest bout of complaints hit Inbox, Google's recent effort to modernize and simplify email management, and addressed the lack of Mark as unread, labels, signatures, and an easy way to trash items. If you've ever received an email from the man, you'd know he loves his "Sincerely, Artem" signature, which might come after a friendly request, a question, a thanks, or a command to fix something in an article as fast as (and preferably faster than) your fingers can type and click.

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[APK Teardown] Inbox v1.7 Finally Prepares To Support Custom Email Signatures

Teardowns can bring both good and bad news. At times, I've been afraid to write about things buried in the dark corners of an apk because they would be misunderstood or make people angry. Then there are times that I see something and I can't wait to tell everybody about it. This is one of the good times. I know people want this, so here it is: Inbox is finally going to offer email signatures.

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Google's Smartbox Is An April Fools-Inspired Mailbox That We Kind Of Wish Wasn't Fake

Inbox by Gmail isn't even yet a year old, but Google is trying to improve mail even further. But this time, it's not working with the digital variety. It's doing something about snail mail.

And frankly, it's about time. People have been sticking envelopes in mailboxes for a century or two, and the experience hasn't changed all that much. Our mailboxes could be better. They could be smarter.

They could be the Smartbox.

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Inbox By Gmail Gets Support For Custom Snooze Times

Inbox repackages Gmail in a way intended to alter how you approach email. Each incoming letter is a task that you can mark as complete, rather than done. Those you don't want to deal with at the moment, you can snooze to come back at a better time of day.

This snooze functionality previously provided a few pre-selected options—such as morning, afternoon, evening, tomorrow, next week, and some vague point in the future—in addition to the ability to set a specific time manually.

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[APK Download + Teardown] Inbox v1.3 Adds Configurable Notification Sounds, Tweaks Images And Layouts, And May Soon Add Launcher Shortcuts And New Snooze Presets

Inbox hasn't been around for that all that long, and Google is carefully improving and adding features to make it useful for the app's intended audience. With a fresh update to version 1.3, Inbox is receiving some improvements to its graphics and visual styling, and the ability to configure notification sounds by account. After a quick teardown, it also appears that there will soon be launcher shortcuts to launch immediately into creating a new task (i.e.

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Inbox By Gmail Will Roll Out To Google Apps Users "Imminently" According To Sundar Pichai

When Google launched Inbox last year, it was offered exclusively to users who received an invite to their personal Gmail account. Google Apps for Business (or Education) users weren't allowed in on the fun, which seemed rather weird but understandable. After all, the new email organization and interaction paradigm was built with productivity in mind, and business users are the ones that would benefit the most from that. However, since this was an entirely new app and system, it was judicious of Google to test it out with a less demanding crowd first.

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Google Releases Inbox By Gmail App Into The Chrome Web Store

People are still waiting to get their hands on invites to use Inbox by Gmail, but as those trickle in, Google's pushing out more ways to access to service. We've already provided a hands-on look at the Android app. Users can also interact with their spiffy new inbox in a web browser by heading to

For people who prefer a handy shortcut, or for Chromebook users who want something that kind of feels like a dedicated email client, Google has released an Inbox by Gmail app into the Chrome Web Store.

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[PSA] Waitlist Invites For Inbox By Gmail Are Going Out Now

Have you signed up to for an invite to Inbox by Gmail? It looks like public invitations to the service have begun rolling out en masse.


Be sure to check your Gmail if you signed up. If you haven't, email [email protected] to get put on the waitlist, but if you signed up yesterday you should probably be seeing an invite shortly. You can check out our quick hands-on here for a primer.

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