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[Hands-on] My Tamagotchi Forever, everything you love about the original digital pet toy mixed with too many free-to-play mechanics

Bandai Namco's upcoming My Tamagotchi Forever game for Android currently exists as a soft-launch title on the Google Play Store that is only available to those that live in Canada. The marketing behind this game seems to point towards a 20-year revival of the famous handheld digital pet game for modern times. But has Bandai Namco succeeded in making a proper reimagining of the franchise, or is this more of the same free-to-play junk we are all used to seeing?

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[Hands-on] Tekken Mobile, a shallow RNG-fest disguised as a fighting game

Tekken Mobile soft-launched in Canada back in August of 2017. Sadly, those of us who do not live in Canada have only been able to pre-register for the mobile fighting game adaptation in eager anticipation of its worldwide launch. Suffice it to say, I got tired of waiting. So here is a hands-on with Tekken Mobile, so you will know exactly what to expect when it finally launches for the rest of the world.

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Play Catan online and cross-platform with USM's recently released Catan Universe

Catan Universe is United Soft Media's newest version of Catan and not only is it finally a multiplayer focused release on Android, but it can also be played against your friends and family no matter the platform they want to play on. That's right, whether you have purchased the game on PC, macOS, iOS, or Android you can enjoy an online multiplayer round of Catan.

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NEKKI's latest release 'Shadow Fight 3' is a great looking fighting game hobbled by greed

NEKKI's Shadow Fight 3 is the third release in their Shadow Fight series of fighting games. For what started out as a Facebook flash-based game has now moved on to mobile since the release of Shadow Fight 2. For the most part, you can expect Shadow Fight 3 to have some great graphics and smooth gameplay, but it is entirely ruined by an incredibly greedy upgrade path.

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DreamWorks Universe of Legends is yet another lazy hero collection game

Firefly Games Inc. has released DreamWorks Universe of Legends. At its core, it is yet another lazy hero collection game starring many of the famous characters found in DreamWorks Animation's films, with a few base-building aspects thrown into the mix to round the whole thing out. Of course, a hero collection game wouldn't be complete without simplistic battles that require little to no input from the user. Sadly this is all par for the course in a game filled with in-app purchases that are squarely targeted at children, though I suppose Dreamworks doesn't care where the money comes from as long as it keeps filling their coffers.

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[Hands-on] Star Wars: Rivals, an uninspired corridor shooter

Now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, I am wholeheartedly expecting them to release as many games, toys, mugs, pizza cutters, and door mats branded with the license as humanly possible. Frankly, Disney would be an idiot not to cash in on Star Wars' mainstream and cult followings. That is why it is no surprise to see the beta release of Star Wars: Rivals on the Play Store. It is also no surprise to see that it is a free-to-play corridor shooter rife with poor controls, repetitive levels, and loot crates that are explicitly tied to plenty of in-app purchases.

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Microsoft announces Minecraft Marketplace to sell community content inside the game

People love Minecraft, and Microsoft loves that people love Minecraft. Still, wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft could make some more money? That's where the new Minecraft Marketplace comes in. It's a marketplace (duh) where community creators can list content for sale, and Microsoft gets a taste of the action.

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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has finally launched worldwide

It has definitely been a long time coming for this worldwide release. Over a month ago I wrote up a piece about Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed having had a soft launch in a few limited regions. Well, today gamers around the world can download the latest offering of this well-known slash 'em up franchise.

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Batman: Arkham Underworld lets players deliver an overdue beating to the Dark Knight

The funny thing about comic book stories is that the usual roles of protagonists and antagonists are reversed: the villains are the ones who are proactive, trying to achieve something new (even if it is something awful), while the heroes are only concerned with stopping them. That's why people love a good villain - aside from being generally more fun to watch than the goody-two-shoes superheroes, they're also the ones who drive the story forward. It's also why games like Dungeon Keeper and Infamous are so popular: it's just more fun to be the bad guy.

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Fire Emblem Heroes review: Nintendo's first real Android game is not just a nostalgia cash-in

Fire Emblem and I go way back. I have played many of them, but the one I most fondly remember is Path of Radiance on the Gamecube (the one that introduced Ike). The series is known for its turn-based tactical gameplay with anime-styled characters and common JRPG story elements. Nintendo has done a good job at promoting the series throughout its lifetime, especially when it comes to the 3DS releases, and inspiring loyal fans to pick up the latest title. I am not ashamed to note that I am in that demographic. So when Fire Emblem Heroes was announced, you can bet that I got damn excited.

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