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Rovio Stars Publishes Runner-Racer Sky Punks, A Mix Of Cutesy Hoverboards And In-App Purchases

What do you get when you combine Back to the Future-style hoverboards with a quasi-anime art style and runner mechanics? The answer is Sky Punks, the latest game from Rovio's publishing arm. No, it's not created by the Angry Birds folks (as the Play Store app description suggests) - the developer is Fathom Interactive, whose previous Android entries have been largely unremarkable. But with a big name in the mobile gaming world backing them up, they're hoping for a hit with this stylish and surprisingly varied runner.

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Ubisoft's Horse Haven World Adventure Is The Unholy Intersection Of Free-To-Play Games And Screaming Otherworldly Terror

Ubisoft seems to have an odd fixation with horse-themed mobile games. The publisher made an Android version of the inexplicably popular Howrse, a sort of equestrian-themed adaptation of free PC RPGs like Ragnarok Online. Now Ubi has created its own horsy mobile game, the innocuously-titled Horse Haven World Adventure.

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It's terrifying. Completely, utterly terrifying. If H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Geiger had some kind of genetically engineered offspring with too many initials, it would not come close to approaching the horror that lies beneath Horse Haven World Adventure.

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Square Enix And DeNA Release 'Final Fantasy Record Keeper,' Let You Relive Those Nostalgic Memories In A Free-To-Play Format

Final Fantasy Record Keeper has been out for a bit in Japan, and now it's opening up to a larger market, overwhelming even more players with heavy doses of unapologetic 90s nostalgia (and some from the early 2000s). The game lets you relive Final Fantasy highlights using a combination of your favorite heroes shrunken down into cute, little sprites.

Have you ever argued over whether Cloud and Squall had the cooler sword?

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TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics Rolls Into The Play Store Towing A Big Load Of In-App Purchases

There's a new Transformers game available in the Play Store, and it falls into the increasingly popular online battle arena genre. In TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics, you must build a team of Autobots and Decepticons to best your enemies on the battlefield. However, it's free-to-play, so is this one more than meets the eye? Nah, it's pretty much what it looks like.

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EA Will Charge For Gas In Need For Speed: No Limits As Part Of Its Ongoing Effort To Make Games As Mundane And Annoying As Real Life

It's been a few years since a Need for Speed game popped up on Android, but EA announced last year that NFS: No Limits would arrive this spring. The game has already launched on iOS in a few regions, and the early reports indicate EA is up to its same old in-app purchase tricks. Actually, it's maybe even a little worse. No Limits will charge you to fill up the tank, which is funny because that sounds like a limit.

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Scrolls, A Tower Defense-Tactical RPG-Card Game Mashup From The Makers Of Minecraft, Is Now Available For Tablets

Hey, Minecraft fans! Did you know that Mojang, the developer of the uber-popular creation game, has been working on another game for years? It's called "Scrolls," and... well, it's nothing like Minecraft. Nope, it's more like a mix between Plants vs Zombies and Blizzard's Hearthstone card game, all set up on a hexadecimal tower defense structure. That's confusing. Watch the promotional video below to try and get a handle on the unique cross-platform title.

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MONZO From Madfinger Lets You Assemble Fake Revell Model Kits For Real Money (Lots Of Money)

The idea behind MONZO, a sort of simulator for Revell-branded plastic model kits, is actually pretty cool. You "open" a kit, read through a paginated, simplified version of the instructions, then "assemble" digital analogs of the real pieces from the kit. The 3D model of the, uh, model is extremely detailed, and the pan and zoom tools let you examine it minutely. If your phone or tablet has decent 3D capabilities, it's a surprisingly soothing experience.

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[Update: Live On Web Too] Google Begins Showing In-App Purchase Price Ranges In The Play Store, But No Details On Individual IAPs

As part of the new rules that will require developers of paid apps to disclose an address, Google is also adding price ranges for in-app purchases to the Play Store. The change was set to go into effect today, according to Google, and sure enough the Play Store client on phones and tablets is showing the cost of in-app purchases in apps. However, it's literally only the price range.

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Google May List In-App Purchase Price Ranges In The Play Store Later This Month

Developers are understandably upset about the new requirement that they provide a publicly visible address for paid apps in Google Play, but another interesting (and much more positive) tidbit has surfaced in relation to that change. The developer of the GoneMAD Music Player contacted Google to ask about the new policy. In addition to confirming address requirement, Google support says the Play Store will also start listing in-app purchase price ranges.

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Vector Unit Is Back With The Turbocharged Sequel Beach Buggy Racing, But You'll Have To Pay For Every Mile

The original Beach Buggy Blitz was one of the first graphically-intensive games on Android, a frequent install for people who wanted to show off the power of their new phone or tablet. That being said, it was a bit simplistic: you "raced" along an endless beach, more or less playing catch up until you ran out of time. The sequel, Beach Buggy Racing, is much more of a conventional kart racer.

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