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Starbucks Expands Mobile Order And Pay Functionality To Over 7,400 Stores Nationwide So Coffee Addicts All Over The US Can Avoid Waiting In Line

If you're ordering the same cup of coffee every morning at the same time every day, why are you waiting in line? Oh, right, until now Starbucks' Mobile Order and Pay was only available in select cities. Well, dear caffeine-driven productive member of society, the feature has now made its way from the Pacific Northwest to over 7,400 stores spread across the country.

Starbucks first began testing the ability to order remotely and pay in advance in Portland in December 2014. By this past summer, the company had expanded the feature to 3,400 additional stores across 17 states. Now it has completed its national rollout.

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Starbucks To Begin Testing Mobile In-App Pickup Ordering In Undisclosed Markets Later This Year

Starbucks is looking to provide customers with the option to order their beverage in-app, saving them the effort of waiting in line to get in and get out with something to drink. Re/code reports that the company will start testing the feature in an undisclosed market later this year.

The concept of placing an order using a mobile app in order to skip the wait later on is not groundbreaking. After all, Chipotle expanded this feature to all of its locations late last year. But a ton of people use Starbucks' mobile app to pay for their orders. In fact, the company stated 14 percent of its purchases made in the US are paid in this manner.

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