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Imgur app update adds video upload with sound

You'd think that a prominent image-sharing platform like Imgur would have already allowed you to upload video with sound from your phone, but apparently that wasn't the case. The functionality was added to iOS a few months ago, and it's now made its way to Android. By the way, what year is it?

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Imgur App Gets A Very Divisive Interface Revamp To Material Design

Despite how much we praise and love Material Design, it's not the be-all end-all of interfaces and it's definitely not unanimously loved. We've seen many users lament the waste of space, excess of white, and other aspects of the design language, but what's ultimately the most important factor in MD acceptance is how well the developers adapt it to their specific app. The Imgur team appears to have fallen on the wrong side of that equation and garnered the wrath of some of its users with the app's latest update.

The new Imgur version revamped the entire interface to Material Design and improved the overall performance of the app.

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Imgur 2.3 Helps You Better Browse Through The Endless Sea Of Pictures On Android Tablets

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Imgur's flood of images never ends. The Android app and smartphones come together to form the easiest way to lose track of twenty minutes known to humankind. On tablets, the experience hasn't been quite so fluid. Version 2.3 addresses that.

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Imgur App Gets A Huge Update To v2.0 With Fully Native Design, Better Uploads, And More [APK Download]

It has become accepted fact that Imgur is the best way to host images on the internet. Stop it with that Photobucket nonsense already. The official Imgur Android app has existed for a while, but it wasn't an ideal experience. Now with today's v2.0 update, it should be much better.

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Imgur Pro Is Now Free And Ad-Supported—Anyone Who Paid In The Past 30 Days Will Get A Refund

Imgur Pro is a way to upload more images to your account, reduce image compression, and keep tabs on who your 100 top referrers happen to be. It also removes ads. Now, to celebrate the site's sixth year, Imgur Pro is going away, and most of its perks are going out to users for free (just say bye-bye to that ad-free part).

The image sharing site's upgrade page has already disappeared.

Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 3.25.07 PM


Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 3.35.19 PM

Now looks like this.

Imgur Pro previously cost users somewhere between $2.95 a month and $24 a year. Now the site is transitioning entirely to an ad-supported model. This means the ad-free part of pro accounts is going away, and one small display ad will be shown on each page.

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Imgur App Updated To v1.3 With A Tablet Layout, Native Android Action Bar/Navigation Menu, And More

Have you posted an image on the internet recently? If you didn't use Imgur, you have upset a certain contingent of internet denizens who are sure to let you know the error of your ways. The Imgur app on Android has just gotten a nice update to v1.3, making it even easier to do the right thing.

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Imgur App Drops Ads "By Popular Demand" After Only One Day, Adds New Widget

It's important to be able to admit when you're wrong. Imgur, everyone's favorite image hosting site and backbone of Reddit, took its mobile app out of beta on Monday. The developers removed the ads late yesterday after getting a piece of everyone's mind.

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So, now the app is back to it's ad-free state, but that isn't the entirety of the update. The widget has been revamped and a few crashes sorted out. The UI doesn't appear to have been touched, though.

The Imgur app is free, and there are cat gifs. Millions and millions of cat gifs.

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Imgur App Exits Beta, Gets Ads, Is Still Pretty Cool

Did you know Imgur has an Android app? Well, you weren't supposed to. The internet's most favorite image hosting service has just officially announced its mobile app, which leaves beta today.

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The Imgur app has gone through rapid iterations since it launched as a Australian exclusive back in April. The UI has been partially redesigned, performance has been improved, and new features have been added. The app was updated yesterday to 0.1.13 without the beta label. The update brought a few changes, not all of them good news. Here's the changelog:

  • new widget
  • saves scroll position on galleries
  • image info in drop down
  • share is on the header
  • ads have been added
  • swipe is improved
  • moved sign in and edit image/album menu to be their own pages

So, there are ads in the app now, but there are also some good features in the update.

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Imgur Beta App Updated To 0.1.11 With Not-Really-Holo User Interface, Still Has A Long Way To Go [Update]

Imgur has become one of the standard Internet destinations for quick and dirty photo sharing, but its official Android app leaves a lot to be desired - though to be fair, it's still in beta. The latest update adds a much-needed Holo interface... sort of. The UI has definitely been improved over previous versions, and according to the changelog, it's Holo. While it's clear that the designers were trying for a more standardized app, the guidelines have been followed in some places and not others. It could be called "I Can't Believe It's Not Holo."

2013-06-14 22.37.42 2013-06-14 22.37.56 2013-06-14 22.39.26

The biggest change is the new side menu, which is activated with a logo tap (like some of the newer versions of Google apps) but won't show up with a simple side-swipe.

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Official Imgur App Leaves Geo-Restricted Beta, Now Available For All Users

Imgur's official Android app first hit the scene back in early-ish April, but was then geo-restricted to Australia (later expanded to UK and Canada) whilst in its beta period, leaving tens of thousands (possibly even millions) of angry image-searchers without, well, an app. Hell was raised, tempers flared, blah blah blah. The calm settled in once again, and life went back to normal for the bulk of us.

But now, everything changes.

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You want an Imgur app? It's yours. The app has left its beta period, thus the geo-restriction has been lifted. It's free to travel the world, but it can't do it alone – it can only live through your handset.

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