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Find My Device v2.2 adds IMEI numbers to simplify reporting of lost or stolen phones [APK Download]

Find My Device doesn't get a lot of updates these days, and it probably doesn't need much more than it already does. However, the latest update does add a potentially valuable new feature that could make it easier to report your lost or stolen phone. You can now get the IMEI number for the device without digging up the original box or paperwork, and without having to make a point of recording the number elsewhere.

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Resold Pixel phones originally purchased from Project Fi are having their IMEIs blacklisted

Back in November, when the Pixel was slowly beginning to ship to customers, there were numerous reports of people getting their Google accounts banned for purchasing Pixel and Pixel XL devices with the intent to resell them. It turns out that this issue hasn't exactly been laid to rest, as it seems that Pixel phones purchased from Project Fi for this purpose are now getting blacklisted via their IMEI numbers.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note7 IMEI tool is now live to tell you if a Note7 is explosive

Samsung is currently working to recall all the Galaxy Note7 devices it sold in the last month because of the well-known risk of battery failure. Knowing if your Note7 is affected right now is easy—if you have a Note 7, it's recalled. In the future, you might not know for certain when you see a Note7. Samsung's online IMEI check tool is now available to verify if a device is recalled or not.

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Samsung will identify fixed battery Note 7s with marking, will establish an IMEI check tool

Samsung has made great efforts to make the Galaxy Note 7 global recall as painless and quick as possible. Earlier today they released information about the replacement Note 7 stock in Australia, revealing that (at least in the land down under) replacement stock will be available September 21. But the second part of the announcement is noteworthy - Samsung has a plan to identify safe Note 7 devices from the original batch.

Samsung reports that users will be able to check their IMEI numbers through an online database starting September 13. This will make it much easier to tell if your Note 7 is affected or not, and with IMEI identifiers being effectively unchangeable, it's practically fool-proof.

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[Update: Fixed] Some Sprint Customers Are Having Trouble Activating The 32GB Nexus 5

The first batch of Nexus 5 phones reached many early customers yesterday, but many of those taking advantage of the phone's compatibility with the Sprint network are having serious issues getting the device connected. According to several tips, this XDA thread, and this Google Groups thread, incompatible IMEI/MEID numbers on the phones are causing the activation process to fail, and giving major headaches all around.

Update: Sprint reached out to us with word that this is no longer an issue. Here's the company's official statement:

Sprint supports activations of the 32GB version of the Google Nexus 5 being sold from the Google Playstore.  There was an issue that affected the activation process for a  small number of these devices.  Our team’s identified and resolved the issue overnight.

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