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Which streaming services are the best value right now?

You've probably (hopefully!) been spending a lot of time at home lately, and that likely means watching a lot of TV. If you're trying to get the most bang for your entertainment buck, you've got a lot of options starting at the low, low price of free. These are some of the best values in video streaming available today.

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Amazon's IMDb TV streaming service is now accessible through the Android app

Earlier this year, Amazon-owned IMDb launched a new streaming service that was (for some reason) called Freedive originally. It's since had its name changed to the more practical IMDb TV, and as of today, it's available as part of the pre-existing IMDb mobile app.

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IMDb's new filters help you find the exact movies or TV series you want to watch

The IMDb app is one of the first I installed on my Android devices, way back in 2010 on my Galaxy 5 (not S). But over the years, the need for the app has fallen, especially when Google added IMDb scores to its search cards. Now, I just Google the name of a movie or show and open the IMDb site from the results, if needed. But the app's recent search filter addition has made me reconsider installing it and giving it a permanent spot in my app drawer again.

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IMDb Freedive is Amazon's new ad-supported streaming service

There have been rumors for years that Amazon is planning a free version of its Prime Video streaming service, funded by advertisements. Today, the company did announce an ad-supported streaming platform, but it's not what you were expecting — it's 'IMDb Freedive.'

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You can now leave reviews in the IMDB app


IMDb app updated to v7.0 with a complete UI revamp [APK Download]

The IMDb app is just one of those things you probably have installed without thinking about it. There are times you just need to know who was in that thing, you know the one. That thing, with the guy. He was also in that other thing. Now, the IMBd app is going to look quite different when you go in search of these answers.

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The IMDb Material Update (v6.1) Leaves Beta, Now Available To All

IMDb is a very, very popular app with over 50 million downloads on Android. It's a shame, then, that the app has been behind the curve of Android design for so long. After releasing a redesigned beta last month, the updated version is now available in the Play Store for everyone. It finally brings this app into the material age.

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IMDb Android App Gets Material Design Updates To Action Bar, Navigation Menu, Search, And More [APK Download]

What's playing right now? I don't know. Check IMDb. And while you're there, notice the new look. The Android app now comes off as a piece of software ready for the post-Lollipop era.

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IMDB 4.2 Leaves Beta, Brings Revamped UI And More To The Masses

Who's that guy? You know the one. He was in that thing... umm, the thing? Better just whip out the IMDB app and make use of it's slick new interface to figure it out. Yes, v4.2 is out of beta so everyone can enjoy the updated look and feel. This app finally feels like a part of Android.

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IMDb v4.2 Beta Update Adds Slide-Out Hamburger Navigation, Cleans Up The Busy Action Bar

The IMDb app is an immensely useful piece of software to have installed on a mobile phone. I don't open it often, but once I'm in the mood to hit up the local theater, there's the app, just ready to serve me the latest trailers, movie showtimes, and ticket prices. The beta version of the app has reached 4.2, and it's tidying things up a bit. Options that were crowding up the Action Bar have now been moved into a slide-out navigation menu.


One before, two after.

On devices without dedicated menu buttons, extra settings are still available via the Action Bar.

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