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Google Image Search picks up fact check labels and summaries

Google is bringing fact-checking to its Google Image Search results, via a new "fact check" label that will appear beneath thumbnails for some images. The expanded image view will also show further details including a summary of the fact check from the linked page. The new fact check labels will appear for image results that surface from fact-checking websites from articles either about a specific image, or which reference it.

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Lens shortcut in images tab spotted on the Google app beta


How to get back 'exact size' and 'larger than' search filters on Google Images

It's been more than seven months since Google Images got rid of some of its most useful search parameters, to the dismay of many. While we first hoped the change could be a bug or temporary, it's now become clear that this was an intentional decision on Google's side. Every few days, I go looking for the "exact size" or "larger than" search options, then quickly remember that they've disappeared and switch into one of my backup plans. In this post, I'll look at the different parameters that Google removed and how you can replicate their functionality in various ways.

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Google Lens is now integrated in Chrome's image search

Lens has been making its way to many of Google's apps and services. Assistant, Photos, Camera, Images, all have already added a way to send images through Lens' smart system to detect what's in them and serve you relevant results, and now Chrome is joining the fray.

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Google app v8.10 beta prepares image search from screenshots, Routines to lock doors, and much more [APK Teardown]

The Google devs are at it again with another late-night rollout of the Google app. Like most others, this update doesn't appear to bring any specific live changes, but it does include clues for a lot of the upcoming changes. There's plenty here to talk about, so let's just jump into it.

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Google can now automatically group your dank memes (and some other stuff) on mobile

You've been able to save images on Google's app and mobile site without downloading them for a long time now. Last September, that functionality extended to non-image pages, and in April, customizable collections rolled out to replace saved pages. Now, certain image searches trigger the Google app to ask if you'd like to create a collection for the thing you're searching for — and images that fit the bill automatically save to the appropriate collection.

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Google reaches agreement with Getty Images to display its content in Search

Getty Images and Google are announcing an agreement for a multi-year licensing partnership, allowing Google to use Getty's images in Search and across its other products. The agreement requires that Google make some changes to Image Search, including making copyright disclaimers more prominent and removing direct links to certain images.

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Google Image Search adds badges to denote recipes, products, and more

If you're looking for a particular image of something, Google search is a powerful tool. Sometimes you might be looking for more than just the image itself, though, and that often leads to scrolling through a ton of photos and opening up the ones you hope will lead you to the right content. That can be a laborious task, but Google has just announced a new feature that should lend a hand. It's introducing badges to indicate what content lies behind certain images.

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eBay will soon let you search for products using images instead of words

Searching on eBay isn't the easiest thing to do now. The search engine looks at literal results for your words and doesn't take into consideration typos, interchangeable words ("bag" and "purse"), multiple languages and translations ("case" and "hülle"), and multiple product names ("Galaxy Tab S2 8.0" and "T710"). So you often end up missing listings because the seller didn't word the title exactly like what you thought to search for. But that's about to get better thanks to new image-based searches.

eBay just announced a new Image Search feature that leverages computer vision and deep learning to look at photos you upload to the app, recognize the object you're searching for, and surface corresponding results among the 1.1 billion listings on the site.

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Google's new 'Style Ideas' Image Search tool brings fashion to your phone

Google has been rolling out a series of updates to its Image Search platform on mobile devices, and the latest addition includes tools to make coordinating outfits and researching fashion a bit easier. Now with 'Style Ideas' Google will show you a series of images related to the product in use.

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