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[Update: Now in stable] Apple Music beta adds Chromecast support and 100,000 radio stations

Earlier this month, Apple Music received a beta update that added a new dark mode and synchronized lyrics with the music. While that did cross off two of the most wanted features in the app, there was still one request that Apple hadn't yet answered: Chromecast support. Now, nearly four years after the service launched on Android, it can finally play our tunes on Chromecast speakers.

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iHeartMedia, owner of iHeartRadio, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

iHeartMedia is one of the last titans of the radio industry, with more than 850 AM and FM radio stations under its belt. The company's iHeartRadio mobile app, which allows users to listen to all of its stations over an internet connection, currently has over 50 million installs on the Play Store. However, it yesterday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as part of an effort to restructure its debt.

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iHeartRadio releases standalone app for Android Wear 2.0 [APK Download]

Internet radio app iHeartRadio is pretty popular with Android users and with good reason. It's built up an impressive feature set to go along with its attractive interface and is frequently updated with useful additions, such as Google Home support earlier in the year. The latest version brings with it a dedicated Android Wear 2.0 app, and you don't need your phone for it to work.

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Google is rolling out support for iHeartRadio for the Google Home

Google Home has supported playing radio through TuneIn since launch. Simply ask it to play a local AM/FM or internet station, and it will start streaming in seconds. Now it looks like Google is in the early stages of rolling out support for iHeartRadio.

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iHeartRadio launches in Australia and New Zealand, gets round launcher icon for Android 7.1


iHeartRadio is coming soon to Google Home, Samsung's Family Hub, more

iHeartRadio, the online radio service, recently announced its paid on-demand All Access plans and it's now officially making them available (even though they have been accessible for almost a month). But that's not what we're here for. Another announcement coming from the company at CES is its upcoming integration with Google Home and a few other hardware and software partners.

Google Home support isn't live yet, but when it becomes available, you'll be able to play iHeartRadio stations or artists by asking the Assistant to do so. It looks like the integration will be direct, like Spotify works now, without requiring you first to speak to iHeartRadio and then ask for a station, but that's an assumption based on the vague PR description.

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[Updated app] iHeartRadio All Access is a new $9.99 on-demand radio and music subscription powered by Napster

Are you discontent with the many dozens of on-demand music services? Well, here's one more for you to try and hopefully love... or maybe hate, because let's be realistic, if you still haven't found one that works well for you, it's going to be very difficult to satisfy your taste. But iHeartRadio would sure like to take on that challenge with its two new paid plans.

So far, iHeartRadio has been an online radio provider that streams existing stations and artist radio stations (think Pandora, kind of) and podcasts for free.

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Aussie Telco Optus To Allow Prepaid Customers To Stream Music For Free

There's some great news if you're an Optus customer. Starting from May 2nd, they will be zero-rating a number of online streaming services for their prepaid customers, allowing them to listen to as much music as they want without racking up a heavy data bill.

Optus is making this available to new and current customers on My Prepaid Ultimate, My Prepaid Daily Plus, and other selected plans. Virtually all the big streaming names are present: Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and the Gold Coast-based Guvera. It's not strictly limited to music either, as iHeartRadio is also included.

Noticeably absent is Apple Music. According to Gizmodo Australia, this is possibly because Cupertino already has a strong partnership with rival network Telstra.

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Latest iHeartRadio Update Drives In Support For Android Auto

Android Auto hasn't arrived in vehicles yet, but interested parties are already getting their ducks in a row. We've seen car manufacturers announce support and a handful of aftermarket radio makers show off their products (Parrot, Kenwood, Pioneer), all stuff to get excited about. But for any of this to be good, app developers have to get behind the platform as well. So it's good to see iHeartRadio add Android Auto support in the latest app update.

The screenshot added to the iHeartRadio app's Play Store page shows an interface that's just as stock-looking and Google-y as we would hope. It

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WATCH Disney, iHeartRadio, Twitch, And DramaFever Apps Add Chromecast Support

The stable of apps that support Google's Chromecast device just seems to keep growing. In addition to NPR One and Watch ABC last month, Google just announced a handful of new apps that have been enabled today. The biggest additions for our readers are probably Twitch, the online game stream broadcasting service, and iHeartRadio, the radio streaming service from ClearChannel iHeartMedia. Both of them should be ready to stream content to your TV now.


The WATCH Disney apps have also been upgraded. That would be WATCH Disney Channel, for pre-teens, WATCH Disney Junior, for the wee bairns, and WATCH Disney XD, for little boys and grown men who enjoy watching entirely too many superhero cartoons.

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