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Scheduling Google Assistant actions is now possible, albeit very difficult to set up

Assistant is one of the most convenient ways to control lights, plugs, and appliances around the house. The digital helper has gotten better over time, with the addition of routines, which can even be scheduled. Sadly, there's still no native option to program specific tasks, despite the fact that Google is working on adding this functionality soon. If you can't wait for official support, this third-party tool lets you schedule commands but it will require a lot of extra work.

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IFTTT resumes support for Tuya Smart Life and Wink, gains 22 other new services

IFTTT is one of the most convenient ways to automate tasks at home by linking smart home devices and platforms together. The service is regularly updated with new additions and removals, and we just got our fair share of changes for the summer.

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IFTTT adds support for 25 new services, removes Wink and 13 other platforms

IFTTT is the cloud-based service that links together hundreds of smart home and web platforms, enabling you to automate tasks across ecosystems. The service regularly adds new connections and removes non-working ones, and this time around, IFTTT has done some (late) spring cleaning and added a few more connections.

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Get free Chamberlain MyQ Google Assistant integration through May 2022

Chamberlain's myQ garage door openers can be controlled remotely for free, but if you want to access them with a third-party application like the Google Assistant or IFTTT, that'll cost you a nominal fee. Chamberlain is currently offering a number of such subscriptions free of charge for the next two years — no credit card required.

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How to turn your old Android phone or tablet into a remote control for your smart home

Making your home smarter is probably on more people's minds than ever right now, but it can become a seriously dizzying project just remembering all the various voice commands and apps involved, to the point that you might even want a dedicated piece of hardware for controlling it all. Kind of like a universal TV remote, but for light bulbs, cameras, and smart thermostats. And using an old smartphone, you basically can, just as long as it isn't too old.

One of Android's real perks is that, while many phones do stop getting updated eventually, Google supports them for a tremendously long time via Play Store and Play Services updates so that their popular apps continue to work even on seemingly ancient hardware.

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D-Link to drop IFTTT support for its smart home products

If you're using home automation devices from various brands, it can be hard to make them communicate with each other. Thankfully, IFTTT is an excellent way to automate tasks and create conditional triggers, regardless of your IoT products' brands. Unfortunately, D-Link is announcing its smart home products will no longer work with the platform this winter.

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IFTTT now connects to TickTick task manager, drops support for six other services

If This Then That, or IFTTT for short, is the web that loosely connects dozens of smart home platforms and online services together. It can post a tweet when your laundry is done, make your lights blink when the International Space Station flies overhead, or send a notification when a game you want is on sale. Since the last time we covered IFTTT, 14 new services have been added, though there are a few removals as well.

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Google's Tasker-like Rules are rolling out to more Pixel users on Android 10

Google increasingly focuses on security and makes it harder for third-party services like Tasker to switch on and off certain radios on Android 10. While the company still doesn't allow apps to automate this, it is at least working on a Rules feature that lets your phone's DND settings react to a limited set of conditions. We first saw this functionality on a few phones last year, but it looks like it's now rolling out wider.

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IFTTT now works with 12 new services including Nuki's smart intercom opener, but loses support for 11 others

If you're unfamiliar with If This Then That, more commonly known as IFTTT, it's one of the best ways to automatize tasks and connect online services and smart home devices with each other. Even though many products can already intercommunicate, IFTTT lets you customize this and integrate personal triggers, without going through complex integration processes. The platform is constantly updated to support new applets, but also removes a few ones. Since our coverage in October, there have been a few changes we've listed below:

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D-Link announces a slew of mesh and Wi-Fi 6 routers at CES 2020

CES 2020 gave the networking device market a solid head start for the rest of the year. We not only saw a more capable Wi-Fi standard come into being but also mainstream brands jumping in with a pile of new routers and mesh systems. Besides an expanded security camera lineup, D-Link’s CES announcement includes a long list of routers and range extenders that integrate the EasyMesh and Wi-Fi 6 standard.

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