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IFTTT adds an Uber channel so you can automate and trigger things based on your rides

IFTTT keeps getting more powerful with time thanks to the addition of plenty of services that normally don't talk to each other but are made to do so thanks to its applets and automations. The latest to join the fold is popular — albeit recently very controversial — ride sharing service Uber.

The Uber channel on IFTTT isn't as capable as most others since it only provides Triggers and not Actions. So you can't have your ride automatically requested or canceled based on something else happening, but what you can do is trigger another service when your ride arrives, starts, or ends, and you even have the option to specify exact locations for pickup and drop-off for the trigger to work.

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Blink security camera adds IFTTT channel for smarter arming, disarming, and more automations

When I reviewed the Blink security cam system a couple of months ago, one of the negatives I talked about was the lack of proper automation and integration in smart home systems. You could either manually arm/disarm the system, set a schedule, or ask Alexa to control it. There was no automatic option based on geofence, no way to consider irregularities, and no way to trigger things to happen based on detected motion or recorded events. One way to solve that issue is by adding an IFTTT channel and that's exactly what Blink has done.

There aren't lots of options available in Blink's IFTTT channel, but there's enough to open up plenty of integrations with different smart home devices.

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IFTTT Adds A Google Contacts Channel To Help You Save, Sync, And Automate Contact Creation

Whenever we meet new and interesting people, we always try to save their contact details so we can get in touch with them later and build bridges for a better relationship. However, it's also often the case that our address book becomes cluttered with random names with no context that we fail to remember or place or correctly. Seriously, who the heck is "Jim"?

I use Groups to keep things clear in my 900+ contact list, and parenthesis with a small description whenever necessary as well. But IFTTT is trying a different and more seamless approach to contact management. There's a new Google Contacts channel on the automation service's site. By

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Amazon Cloud Drive Now Has Its Own IFTTT Channel

Amazon Cloud Drive is a way to get around storing your stuff on your own hardware. Instead, you can keep it on someone else's. It this case, Amazon's.

IFTTT is a service that automates the way the sites you visit interact with each other. Those letters stand for "If This Then That."

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