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IFTTT adds 17 new services, including Wattio, BroadLink, and Hive View Outdoor

First released in 2011, IFTTT is still going strong nearly eight years later thanks to its impressive library of compatible devices and platforms - and as the smart home industry grows it seems this free automation platform will continue to expand along with it. Most of the 17 new channels that have recently opened up are smart home-related, allowing users to manage products like smart lights, blinds, and even water heater controllers. 

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IFTTT adds an Uber channel so you can automate and trigger things based on your rides

IFTTT keeps getting more powerful with time thanks to the addition of plenty of services that normally don't talk to each other but are made to do so thanks to its applets and automations. The latest to join the fold is popular — albeit recently very controversial — ride sharing service Uber.

The Uber channel on IFTTT isn't as capable as most others since it only provides Triggers and not Actions. So you can't have your ride automatically requested or canceled based on something else happening, but what you can do is trigger another service when your ride arrives, starts, or ends, and you even have the option to specify exact locations for pickup and drop-off for the trigger to work.

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