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27 temporarily free and 24 on-sale apps for Wednesday

Tax Day (U.S.) has passed, so let's celebrate with some app sales. Today's list is a bit smaller than Monday's, but it has some entries worthwhile. Peruse at your leisure and I'll see you all for one more round on Friday.

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Icon Pack Mixer lets you build your own custom set of icons from your favorite packs

One of the best things about Android is the ability to customize it. You aren't locked into a particular look, from replacement launchers to icon packs, you can change things to fit your tastes quite extensively. With the new Icon Pack Mixer, a recently-launched app from the developer of Adapticons, you can even take that a step further. It lets you mix and match individual icons from various packs into one. Now you can pick and choose different ones from different sets without compromising, even if your launcher doesn't natively support it. 

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Google has an odd quiz called the #myAndroid Taste Test that will choose your wallpaper, launcher, icon pack, and more for you

In the age-old comparison between Android and iOS, one of the biggest talking points for Google's mobile OS is the level of customization it offers. No matter what Android phone you buy, you can make it look like your very own through different launchers, widgets, icons, and much more. To capitalize on this, Google has released a strange quiz of sorts that aims to curate homescreens for users.

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[Deal Alert] Over a dozen icon packs are temporarily free on the Play Store

Customization is one of the best parts of Android. Even if you have the same phone as someone else, your home screen, icons, and perhaps system theme can look entirely different. While I haven't personally used icon packs in a while (my launcher of choice is the Pixel Launcher), they still remain very popular.

Now there are at least 13 icon packs temporarily free on the Play Store, from several different developers.

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Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack Fills Your Homescreen With Adorable Googly-Eyed Apps


Tha 13 Icon Pack From Tha Phlash Is The Bloodiest, Goriest, Nastiest Way To Rotten Up Your Home Screens

Most people who know me are aware of how much I love horror movies. And out of all genres of horror, old school slashers are probably my favorite - the more guts, the better. Also, I'm a sucker for a chainsaw...but generally only when Leatherface is holding it. <3


If you're into blood and gore like I'm into blood and gore, and you want to translate that particular obsession onto your homescreen, a new icon pack from Tha Phlash called 13 is sure to make you tingle all over.

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Themer Beta Adds Much-Needed Icon Pack Support And Bugfixes In Latest Update

MyColorScreen's Themer is already an impressively powerful app for making your phone look cool. But for something that's supposed to encourage customization, it's surprisingly limiting - you can choose from a wide variety of user-created homescreens, but there aren't many options for tweaking them. With the latest update, Themer gives end users the ability to add some flair of their own via icon packs.


Themer should work with the vast majority of icon packs that are already in the Play Store and designed for more typical launchers like Nova and Apex. There are literally thousands of them, some with hundreds and hundreds of custom-made app icons, in both free and paid varieties.

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