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HTC Releases An App For Its 'Ice View' See-Through Case For The HTC 10

HTC really wants to make a cool transparent case for its flagship devices. It started with the One M8 and the "Dot View" case, which adapted the windowed covers first released by Samsung and LG into a grid with Lite Brite-style holes to view the screen underneath. There was a revised Dot View case for the One M9, but for the new HTC 10, we're getting a redesigned and completely transparent "Ice View" case. Like the previous iterations, HTC has released a specialized app in the Play Store to let users operate the case.

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HTC's Dot View Case Is Being Replaced With The HTC Ice View Case For The New HTC 10

One of the most visually striking accessories for the HTC One M8 and M9 was the HTC Dot View case. The flip cases had a cool retro vibe with pixellated clocks, weather icons, and other notifications formed by the screen shining through a matrix of tiny holes cut into the case's protective screen cover. Well, the days of the Dot View case are over, and in its place HTC has announced a new flip cover case, the Ice View which is available on HTC's website for $49.99.

The Ice View has a very similar construction to the Dot View case it replaces.

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