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Post-apocalyptic survival RPG 'NEO Scavenger' just snuck onto the Play Store

Popular PC survival roguelike NEO Scavenger has just been released onto the Play Store, and you can try it out for free for an unlimited amount of time. While the demo has limited some features, you can unlock the full version for $9.99 through the game's only in-app purchase. So if you are looking for a new roguelike that allows you to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, NEO Scavenger may just be what you are looking for.

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The Revenge of Shinobi is the latest Sega Forever game on the Play Store

It feels like these Sega Forever games keep trickling out every couple of weeks. This time around we have the release of The Revenge of Shinobi, a classic ninja themed platformer with a hack and slash feel. If you couldn't tell from the title, this is a sequel to the first game in the series, Shinobi. While many feel that the second game is the best in the franchise, the question remains, how does it hold up on Android as a Sega Forever release?

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SEGA adds Virtua Tennis Challenge to SEGA Forever but still can't figure out how to please fans

Virtua Tennis Challenge is the latest Sega game to be added to the Sega Forever classic games collection. Like all Sega Forever games, Virtua Tennis Challenge is free-to-play with advertisements and contains a single in-app purchase of $1.99 that removes said ads. This gives players a way to try the game without going out of pocket. What is funny is this appears to be biting Sega in the butt, as the reviews so far have not been kind at all.

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Try your hand at Card Thief, a stealthy new solitaire game from the creator of Card Crawl

Card Thief is a new solitaire game from the creator of Card Crawl. Unlike Card Crawl's dungeon crawling themed gameplay, Card Thief is focused more on a stealthy risk/reward mechanic. You will be sneaking around in the shadows and thieving treasure, all while avoiding enemies and traps. This is done in order to compete for the high score in each of the game's four heists.

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Quirky platformer MouseBot is Vector Unit's latest offering for the casual and hardcore alike

Vector Unit has enjoyed a pretty good reputation on Android for a good while now. Not only have they released some pretty popular titles but they have also gone out of their way to support the Android platform more than most. Things like Play Games achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saving have all been a standard for the studio since their inception. Making sure to provide HID controller and Android TV support is also a big plus for them. When you take all of this into consideration, it is no surprise that they have gone on to perform exceedingly well, and deservedly so.

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