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Sega re-releases After Burner Climax on the Play Store

Back in 2013 Sega released its mobile version of After Burner Climax on the Play Store as a premium game priced at three dollars. In 2015 it was removed from the Play Store along with a bunch of other premium titles from Sega. Slowly these games have been returning to Android under new free-to-play listings as part of the SEGA Forever program, and After Burner Climax is the latest title to make a return.

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King Crusher is a new pixel-based roguelike from Ankama Games

Ankama Games is a consistent developer that offers a solid library of mobile games, and if you're a fan of roguelikes, you're going to want to take a look at the developer's latest release King Crusher. It's a pixel-based RPG that mixes hero collection and puzzle sliding mechanics with an honest monetization system. The result is an enjoyable roguelike that's easy to pick up and difficult to put down.

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Flipflop Solitaire by Zach Gage has finally made its way to Android

Zach Gage is the developer that came up with SpellTower (one of my favorite word games that for some reason is missing from the Play Store), Ridiculous Fishing, and Really Bad Chess. These are all popular titles that show this dev has a very consistent track record. His newest game Flipflop Solitaire may have released on iOS last November, but it only just landed on Android. It combines a few different versions of solitaire into an all-new unrestrictive single-player card game, and you better believe it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

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Make a quick getaway in ‘PAKO 2,’ the long-awaited arcade racing sequel from Tree Men Games

Tree Men Games had a runaway hit with their first car chase simulator Pako back in 2014, and after 4 years they are showing no signs of slowing down with their long-awaited sequel PAKO 2. It takes everything you loved about the original and cranks it up to eleven. This means better graphics, larger environments, new gameplay elements, and plenty of cars to collect. If you are a fan of GTA-style getaway driving, you are going to want to check this one out as soon as possible.

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Endless runner 'Run Sausage Run!' has racked up 10 million installs, and it's showing no signs of slowing down

You may have never heard of TabTale before, but that's probably because they tend to concentrate their efforts on "super casual indie games." The thing is that appears to be working in their favor as they have a breakout hit on their hands with the recent release of Run Sausage Run!, a free-to-play endless runner. Within the last 6 weeks of the game's initial release it has racked up over 10 million installs, and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.

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