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Can A Smartwatch Make Your Car Smarter? A Week With Hyundai's BlueLink For Android Wear

If you own a reasonably modern car (say, within two or three years old), there's a significant chance that car has some kind of cellular connectivity embedded in it, and this allows the car to do stuff remotely. Like, start. Or unlock the doors. Or lock them. Or honk the horn. These things have names... like mbrace (Mercedes), AcuraLink, Enform (Lexus), OnStar (GM), MyLincoln, and so on.

Hyundai's version, BlueLink, isn't the most fully-featured of the bunch, to be honest. But, as one of the first and arguably most enthusiastic Android Auto partners, Hyundai's shown an interest in Android that few automakers have, as evidenced by the fact that BlueLink now has an app for Android Wear.

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Hyundai Announces Vehicle Remote Start, Lock, Location, And Other Commands Coming To Android Wear Via Blue Link App

It's here, or, well, it will be here shortly: the day you can start your car with only a watch and your voice. Hyundai is announcing that its official Blue Link app (which, to be fair, reviews pretty badly) will be gaining Android Wear support in "early 2015." The company will be demoing the new app at CES, though, along with its Android Auto-powered 2015 Sonata concept.

Hyundai Motor America - Smartwatch App

Hyundai has been a rapid adopter of 3rd-party smart tech in its vehicles, and will likely be among the very first automakers to sell an Android Auto-ready car (any Hyundai with Android Auto will also have Apple's Car Play).

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