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[Update: Winners] Humble Mobile Platformers Bundle updated with more games, plus we've got 10 free codes to give away

Humble Bundle is a great source for cheap games, and you get to support charity while you enjoy your cheap content. The recent "Epic Platformers" bundle is now halfway through its run, and that means it's time for some new games and a giveaway. There are now 11 games, and we're giving them all away to some lucky readers.

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The new Humble Mobile Bundle has nine great platformers, including Never Alone: Ki Edition, for $5

The Humble Bundles are always a great way to pick up a few games for a good price while kicking a bit of cash to charity. The latest Mobile Bundle combines nine different Android platformers together. For $5 you get nine games, plus any more that might be added to the bundle. If you don't have quite so much set aside for your app entertainment budget, you can also pay what you want over $1 to pick up three games or beat the average ($4.83 at the time of writing) to get three more.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble Mobile Bundle: Great Adventures bundle

Have you picked up the latest Humble Mobile Bundle? No? It includes eight cool adventure games for one low price. That's a good deal, but now's your chance to get the whole shebang for free.

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Humble Mobile Bundle: Great Adventures includes Grim Fandango Remastered, Lumino City, and more

There's a new Humble Mobile Bundle available today, and like other recent bundles, this one has a theme. This time it's "great adventures." So, most of these games take you on journeys through strange and unfamiliar lands. There are as many as eight games in this bundle, depending on what you pay. Even the base tier includes some great stuff, though.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for Humble Bundle's mobile strategy bundle

The latest Humble Bundle comes with a whopping 12 strategy games for one low price. We alerted you to this deal last week when it debuted, and now we've got something better: 10 free codes that unlock the entire bundle. You like free stuff, right?

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New Humble Mobile Bundle includes 12 Android strategy games

Should you find yourself with a few extra dollars today, I know what you can do with them. A mere $5 purchase will net you a dozen strategy games on Android via the latest Humble Bundle deal. The new bundle is live today and runs for two weeks.

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Humble Mobile Bundle RPGs offers eight role-playing games of different shapes and sizes

We've not had a Humble Mobile Bundle since November, so it looks like it's time for another one. In this bundle are RPGs, including a Star Wars title and two Shadowrun games.

Paying more than $1 will net you three games; Symphony of Eternity, Doom of Destiny, and Evoland. The first, Symphony of Eternity, is an anime fantasy role-playing adventure, which has the classic top-down, pixel art approach. It's $3.99 on the Play Store, so... yeah. Doom of Destiny (these titles are like some awful self-published fantasy series) is described as the 'nerdiest adventure of your life' on the Play Store.

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Imprint-X brings a captivating and relaxing puzzle-solving experience with a focus on memory and pattern recognition

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen these days. While the age-old formula might seem tired at this point, along comes Imprint-X. This game focuses on timing, memory, and pattern recognition to solve its button-based puzzles, which is a nice change of pace. It is receiving a cross-platform release today.

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The new Humble Mobile Bundle includes 15 games from HandyGames with more on the way

Humble Bundle offers some excellent deals on maybe eight or nine games at a time. The new bundle being offered in cooperation with HandyGames is even more impressive. If you unlock all the tiers, this bundle includes 15 games with more to be added soon.

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[Update: Winners] Humble Mobile Board Games Bundle adds 3 games—plus, we've got 10 free codes to give away

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle has been live for a week, and you know what that means. Yes, more games. This is a board game bundle that already included such favorites as Catan and Ticket To Ride. Now you get three more games for one reasonable price. You can also get a chance to win the bundle free right here.

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