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The Humble Board Games Bundle includes 5 Asmodee Digital Android games

There's a new bundle available on the Humble Bundle website, and it contains a bunch of digital board game adaptations from Asmodee Digital. It's called the Humble Board Games Bundle, and it may not be specifically targeted at Android users, but there are up to five games available for purchase that run on our platform. So if you'd like to pick up Abalone, Harald: A Game of Influence, Splendor, King and Assassins: The Board Game, and Small World 2, you can grab them all today for as little as $8.

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The Humble 'Digital Tabletop' Bundle includes 3 awesome board games that can run on Android

Okay, so Humble Bundle's new Digital Tabletop bundle isn't a mobile bundle, but it does happen to include Asmodee Digital's Android versions of Ticket to Ride, Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game, and Talisman. The first two are both part of the base bundle, so you can snag them for as little as a dollar, but if you want to purchase Talisman, you will have to pay more than the average. The deal will run for twelve more days.

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Humble Mobile Bundle 22 includes Oxenfree, Death Road to Canada, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, and more

The Humble Mobile Bundles are well-known for a few good reasons. They're a great way to get a ton of mobile games on the cheap, and each pack usually has a fun theme going on. Well, this bundle might skip out on the latter, but it still stays true to its deal-seeking roots. The Humble Mobile Bundle 22 includes titles like Oxenfree, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, Death Road to Canada, Galaxy of Pen & Paper, and Mushroom 11. 

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble 'Indie Hits' Mobile Bundle

Humble Bundles are a great way to get games on the cheap. But while cheap games are nice, free games are even better. We're giving away ten codes for the latest Humble Mobile Bundle, which features 11 games from Noodlecake Studios that are collectively worth around $35.

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The Humble 'Indie Hits' Mobile Bundle includes 11 awesome Noodlecake games for one low price

There's a new Android-oriented Humble Bundle today, and this one comes your way courtesy of Noodlecake. For a few bucks, you can get up to 11 games. You get to pick your price, so as little as a one greenback entitles you to some DRM-free gaming fun.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 20 free codes for Humble Bundle's Halloween or Herocraft bundle

Halloween may be over, but you can still get your fright on with some spooky games from Humble Bundle. We've got 10 free codes for the current Halloween bundle, which runs for another week. In addition, there are 10 codes up for grabs that unlock the previous Herocraft bundle. That's a total of 20 winners.

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Humble Bundle's Halloween selection includes 8 gruesome games

It's Halloween everyone, and that means spooky treats galore. As well as gorging on candy, it's also a time to indulge in scary films and TV shows (I know I'm going to continue binge watching Stranger Things). But what about games? Thankfully, Humble Bundle has got us covered with a Halloween-themed selection of discounted Android games. This is sure to be its most terrifying bundle yet.

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Humble Mobile Herocraft bundle includes up to 12 games (and some in-app items you probably don't want)

Fresh off its controversial acquisition announcement, Humble Bundle has launched a new bundle deal that features games from developer Herocraft. You can get as many as 12 games, which is a boatload for Humble Bundle. You can also pay a lot more for some in-app content you probably don't want. Yeah... probably gonna pass on that.

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Humble Bundle has been acquired by gaming media company IGN

Anyone who's familiar with gaming, whether it be on PC or mobile, will know what a Humble Bundle is. The premise is that you can purchase a bunch of games with a similar theme on the cheap, all the while feeling good knowing that a portion of the proceedings will go to charity. Humble Bundle, Inc. has just been purchased by IGN, another entity that gamers will probably be familiar with.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble Mobile Made in Korea Bundle

Games are great. Cheap games are even better. But free games are the best of them all. We're now giving away ten codes for the latest Humble Mobile Bundle: the Made in Korea pack, which features seven games from developers based out of South (not North, for obvious reasons) Korea.

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