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Hulu app updated with support for Daydream

Of the several launch partners announced for Google's Daydream VR platform, a few caught the spotlight because of their cinematic promise. So far, we've had YouTube VR launch with limited content and Google Play Movies & TV just hint at upcoming Daydream support, but we were still waiting for the more exciting services: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Jaunt. One of these has added support today and it's Hulu.

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Yahoo View arrives on Android to offer up a slice of Hulu's formerly free TV content

Did you know that there's nothing free on Hulu anymore? I didn't, until I tried to track down the latest episodes of awful-yet-addictive CW superhero shows that I pour into my eyes like the pop cultural equivalent of fast food. Yes, it turns out the networks that comprise Hulu's adulterous corporate parents have walled off all those TV episodes behind a paywall. But fear not, cable-cutting penny-pinchers: at least some of those shows have a new home on Yahoo View. According to Yahoo, the app is available only in the US.

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Hulu Shows Off Its Fancy New Auto-Generated Watch List For Movies And TV Shows

A list of things that you’d like to watch in the future isn’t exactly breaking new ground for streaming video services – hell, Netflix was doing that back when they were just a mail-order DVD rental company. But the software engineers at Hulu think they’ve significantly improved on the idea with the new Watch List (capital W), which is apparently cool enough to warrant both an intro video and a press release.

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Hulu Announces A More Expensive Commercial-Free Streaming Tier

Commercials on Hulu getting on your nerves? Now there's a way to skip them, provided you're willing to pay a little more each month. Hulu has announced a commercial-free version of the service that will cost $11.99 per month rather than the usual $7.99.

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Hulu May Be Getting A Completely Commercial-Free Subscription Option This Fall - Could Cost $12-14 A Month

According to The Wall Street Journal, American TV streaming giant Hulu is considering launching a version of its service that will contain no commercials at all. The Journal's sources claim it will cost between $12 and $14 a month, and could launch as soon as this fall.

Hulu is jointly-owned by Fox, Disney, and Comcast (shiver) - companies with very heavily vested interests in the survival of the existing cable and satellite TV regimes. Why, then, would Hulu seek to cut more cables by offering an enticing ad-free subscription option? The answer is almost certainly growth. Netflix has more than seven times the number of subscribers as Hulu (to be fair, Netflix is offered in other countries).

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[Update: It's Live] You Will Soon Be Able To Add Showtime To Your Hulu Subscription For An Extra $9 A Month

Watching Hulu already feels more like cable than Netflix. You have access to shows shortly after they air, and you still have to sit through commercials. Starting next month, you will also be able to expand your subscription with premium content.

Hulu is partnering with Showtime to let subscribers stream the latter's large selection of shows. But the option to do so will cost more than Hulu itself. After a 30 day free trial, you will have to pay $9 on top of your $8 Hulu subscription.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 5.19.27 PM

All things considered, this is still a cheaper way to get your hands on Showtime if you're already a Hulu subscriber, as paying for its upcoming app separately would cost $11 on its own.

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Hulu App Now Supports Autoplay For Chromecast


Hulu Introduces Watchlist, Its New And Smarter Way To Keep Up With The Shows You're Currently Watching

Today Hulu has unveiled Watchlist, the company's latest way to help you keep up with the shows you want to watch later. Think of it as a favorites list, but smarter.


Currently Hulu watchers have three different locations where they can save and find the shows they're most interested in watching. There's Stuff You Watch, which automatically updates with whatever you've viewed recently. Then there's the Queue, where you save the stuff you want to see later. Lastly, we have Favorites, where you store the shows and movies that you enjoy the most.

Watchlist replaces all three. It's a single favorites list that's supposed to rearrange your content so that shows you enjoy the most are given priority, and those that are simply saved for later wait patiently at the bottom.

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Hulu Gives Android Users Exclusive Free Access For The Holidays

Using Hulu on an Android device usually requires a Hulu Plus account, but in the spirit of the season, the company has apparently decided to offer people the ability to stream shows to their devices for free. The exclusive deal was announced on the Android Google+ page in a post that welcomed folks to come watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows.

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PSA: Current Chromecast Owners Can Also Get Two Months Of Free Access To Hulu Plus

About a week ago we told you about a Hulu Plus promotion that gives new Chromecast owners two months of access to the premium portion of the streaming library for free. As it turns out, anyone in the US can get that sweet, sweet streaming video, no matter when they bought their Chromecast. AP reader Matthew discovered that he could follow the instructions for redeeming the offer on his older Chromecast without any kind of issues.

2014-10-07 14.25.46 2014-10-07 14.26.30

To take advantage of a couple of months of unlimited Hulu backlog, open the Chromecast app and manually connect to a Chromecast on your WiFi network.

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