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Hulu adds full-screen scrubbing previews to its Android app

Hulu's Android app is pretty great. It supports multi-window (something that Netflix still hasn't figured out), and the interface looks great. But one of the few features noticeably missing has been full-screen scrubbing. In other words, when you skipped around the timeline of a movie/show, there would be no preview available. Not even the tiny thumbnail that the YouTube app has.

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US college students can now get Spotify and Hulu for $4.99 per month

Another school year is about to kick off, and Spotify has a new promotion to save college students some money. Eligible individuals can now get Spotify Premium for just $4.99 per month, and they'll throw in a Hulu subscription. Yep, both services for five bucks. If you already have the Spotify student deal, you get Hulu automatically. It's hard to argue with that.

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Hulu for Android TV v2 adds new accessibility features and a page for the Watchlist [APK Download]

Hulu is a streaming service that I've just never gotten into, despite the fact that I appreciate its premise. Regardless of that, the platform is still quite popular, so Android TV users who happen to watch Hulu may enjoy the app's latest update. Version 2.0.3 brings with it a few new notable things, as you will see in the changelog below.

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Hulu launches new UI and Live TV Beta on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Hulu may not be as big of a name in the industry as it once was, but its subscriber count is still in the octuples. It's also still working on new features, such as an updated user interface and Live TV beta that hit Android, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Chromecast two months ago. Now, those two things have hit the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

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Hulu adds live and on demand access to HBO and Cinemax, just in time for new Game of Thrones

Video streaming app Hulu has recently made great strides in its attempts to catch up with other similar services like Netflix. In the last few months, it's added profiles to support individual watch histories and introduced Google Home integration. It's also got live TV now, and you can read our thoughts about that in our recent review. No streaming service would be complete without quality shows and movies, and with that in mind, Hulu has now added HBO and Cinemax to its burgeoning list of content partners.

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Google Home now streams TV content from many more services, including HBO Now and Hulu

One of the most interesting new features introduced during the Google I/O keynote has to be the integration between Google Home and Chromecast. The intelligent assistant can now show visual responses to interactions you have via any Chromecast connected TV. For a while now we've been able to play videos through our Chromecast via YouTube and Netflix, and now many more services are being added.

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Hands-on with Hulu TV: Great, but I'm confused about the audience

Some of you might know that Hulu rolled out a Live TV service to their existing streaming platform. I've spent a bit of time checking it out (if you do things right, kids, watching TV can be work) and I think I'm in a good position to provide a reasonably educated opinion on the service. Overall, I'm a bit confused about who, exactly, it's for.

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[Continuously updated] April Fools' Roundup: All the jokes from around the web

April Fools Day is almost upon us, but some companies aren't waiting to share their pranks. Google always does a great job, from the Pokemon Google Maps overlay to a smart mailbox, but there are a few from other companies worth mentioning. Here's a rundown of all the hilarious (or strange) tech-related April Fools Day jokes from around the web.

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In addition to DIRECTV NOW, T-Mobile will give AT&T customers a free year of Hulu

Back in December, T-Mobile announced AT&T customers would get a free year of DIRECTV NOW if they switched to the T-Mobile ONE plan. As DIRECTV NOW is, in the words of the press release, "a complete disaster," T-Mobile has now amended that to a free year of Hulu as well.

DIRECTV NOW looks great on paper, but quite clearly it hasn't worked out that way in practice. It's been beset by issues, including regular errors and, from the sounds of things, a generally broken service, although it is distinctly possible there is some use of exaggeration in play. Here's what T-Mobile CEO and notorious troll John Legere had to say on the subject: “It turns out DIRECTV NOW is barely watchable, but we’ve got our customers’ backs!

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The latest Hulu app update catches up to Netflix, brings profiles for different users

It's not too often that I see Hulu app news pop up here, but this update is important. The popular TV (and more) streaming app is finally getting profiles, à la Netflix. The obvious benefit here is that individual users can have their own watch histories, interests, and recommendations without interfering with each other.

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