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Huawei Watch Reportedly Delayed Until Late Q3 Or Early Q4

A new report claims that Huawei has pushed back the release of the Huawei Watch until September or October. Of course, there was never an official launch date for the watch, but that's much later than everyone was expecting. The reason cited in the report for the delay is "incompatibility issues with Android Wear." That could mean any number of things.


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Multiple Online Retailers Show Huawei Watch At 349 Euro Price Point

How much will Huawei's slick new Android Wear device cost? That seems to be the major decision factor for a lot of Android Police readers, impressive looks and features aside. When Huawei announced its round Wear watch at MWC, it unaccountably forgot to mention the price, only saying that it would be available in "more than 20 countries" whenever it launches. A week later we've got a slightly better idea of what it will cost, at least in Europe: somewhere around the €349 mark.

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Huawei Officially Announces Huawei Watch and TalkBand B2, N1 At Mobile World Congress

If you measure the success of a product release by the element of surprise, Huawei might not score too well. We found official product videos for the new Huawei Watch yesterday, ahead of today's announcement. Huawei's TalkBand devices showed up in ads days ago and in their own wearables app yesterday. If you measure its success by how much attention and anticipation it generates, you might say that Huawei's new wearables have had a smashingly successful release, especially considering their absence from many Western markets until now.

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Huawei's Slick Android Wear Smartwatch Leaked Ahead Of MWC In The Most Pretentious Smartphone Accessory Video Ever

Watch the video below. Watch it several times if you need to. Try to figure out what it's trying to promote. A remote and exclusive European ski resort? An auction house for classic Mercedes cars? Champagne intended only for use in questionably phallic gestures? Nope, it's Huawei's Watch. That's not a typo, it's actually called the Huawei Watch. Let's... um, watch.

The design of the Android Wear device looks more or less like the Moto 360, with its metal housing and thin bezels but without its signature "flat tire" screen cutout.

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