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More pictures of HTC's Android Wear smartwatch emerge

HTC's Android Wear watch, codenamed Halfbeak, leaked back in October on Chinese social network Weibo. Since then, we haven't heard a peep from the Taiwanese company regarding the watch. Nevertheless, a bucketload of new photos have popped up, again on Weibo, showing the watch in all its glory.

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EVO 4G LTE Owners Can Receive A $25 Credit Towards HTC Watch, HTC's Video Streaming Service

If you have or will in the near future purchase an Evo LTE from Sprint, HTC has a special treat for you: $25 in movie money. HTC Watch, which is the Taiwanese company's offering in the streaming movie market, lets users buy or rent movies and TV shows, very similarly to how the Play Store operates. If you already have an Evo LTE, just sign up for an HTC Watch account and you should receive your credit immediately.

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While we're still a little unsure how well HTC's video streaming service will do in the long run when even Google's own Play Movies is still trying to gain traction, free money is free money.

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[Download] Updated HTC Watch App For EVO 3D Without System Update

EVO 3D owners: want to be able to use the HTC Watch app and have access to The Green Hornet in full 3D, but wary that the system update may not be easily rooted? Well, you aren't alone. XDA user str8upx has extracted the updated HTC Watch .apk from the system update and has made it available to download for anyone who has not yet updated. This will enable users to use HTC Watch to its full ability, including watching the pre-loaded Green Hornet film.

Also included is the HTC Watch .apk itself (not the update), though it shouldn't be required.

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