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HTC U11 Plus leaked, along with more U11 Life details

The HTC U11 was the company's second flagship of the year, and by most accounts, a pretty great phone. We've already heard rumors of an upcoming budget phone with Android One, the U11 Life, but now details about a U11 Plus have also leaked.

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[Deal Alert] Get the HTC U11 for $549 ($100 off), U Ultra for $449 ($300 off), and HTC Bolt for $400 ($200 off)

Every few weeks, HTC does a big sale on its devices and now's the time for another one. HTC is celebrating 10:08, the default time on its devices' press images by discounting some of its phones and giving away some free gear. The offers last until October 8, or 10/08.

Let's start with the phone discounts. HTC's newest flagship the U11 is dropping $100, while the older U Ultra is losing $300 and the Sprint/Boost-exclusive Bolt is losing $200 off its MSRP. I'll detail the discounts below so you can quickly browse through the ones that are interesting to you.

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HTC adds custom per-app squeeze actions to the U11's Edge Sense

The U11, HTC's second flagship phone of 2017, stands out from the crowd with its squeezable frame. The phone's software can perform custom actions based on how intensely you squeeze the phone - something that this year's Pixels might get too. Now the company is testing a beta update for the Edge Sense app, allowing users to set their own custom actions.

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HTC promises Android 8.0 updates for the U11, U Ultra, and HTC 10

Google has made Android 8.0 Oreo official, and some Pixel and Nexus phones have already gotten the OTA. So, the time has come for OEMs to make vague promises about updating their existing hardware to Android 8.0. First up is HTC, which has said on Twitter the Android 8.0 update is coming to the HTC U11, HTC U Ultra, and HTC 10.

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HTC rolling out 1080p 60FPS video recording to the U11

The HTC U11 is a pretty good phone, and certainly an improvement over the earlier U Ultra. HTC previously announced that the phone would recieve an update enabling 1080p 60FPS recording, and now the time has come.

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HTC announces Solar Red U11, sale on multiple phones starts at midnight EST

HTC's latest flagship, the U11, isn't really a bad phone. It has some issues, notably light bleed on the display and no headphone jack, but it's a much better phone than the U Ultra. If you've been wanting to buy one, HTC is about to start selling a new 'Solar Red' color, plus the company is discounting several other phones and accessories.

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HTC U11 review: A pretty good phone, if anyone's still listening

If you're reading Android Police, the HTC U11 is probably not a phone you're going to buy. I say this not because the U11 is bad (it's not - it's good), but because it's statistically likely: last year's HTC flagship, the 10, makes up around 0.38% of Android Police's mobile device traffic year to date, sitting in position number 37 on our most-popular devices list, right below the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 (yes, really). While the 10 was a marked improvement over the rather not-so-great One M9, there's no denying that even among phone enthusiasts HTC has rapidly seen its market and mind share decline.

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The HTC U11's first software update is here

The U11 is HTC's second flagship phone for 2017, with the standout feature being squeezable 'Edge Sense' sides. It just started shipping to customers in the United States and Canada, but new owners will likely find an update waiting for them out of the box.

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HTC releases the U11's kernel source code

It's always nice to see companies respect the GPL, which requires OEMs to release the kernel source code for phones they create. HTC is usually pretty good about releasing source code for new devices in a timely manner, and to that end, the company has uploaded the U11's kernel code to its website.

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[Update: Winner] Win an unlocked (or Sprint) HTC U11 from HTC and Android Police (US and Canada only)

HTC and Android Police are teaming up to give you a chance to win the company's newest flagship, the U11. It's actually U11 launch day here in the US, so the timing couldn't get much better, right? We've got a single unlocked or Sprint (your choice) U11 to offer to our readers, and you can choose any one of the three launch colors here in the US, too (silver, blue, or black).

In the box, you'll also get HTC's new USB-C U Sonic earbuds with active noise cancellation and a quicker charger. The U11 works on all four major carriers in the US, too, so there's no worrying about compatibility.

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