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Deal alert: HTC Re camera shows up on eBay for just $69

Looking for a handheld action camera on the cheap? You'll struggle to do better than this HTC Re on eBay, just $69 and brand-new in the packaging. The Re may not support ultra-high resolution or exceptional bitrates, but it has a reasonably well-rated Android app, an exceptionally wide-angle lens, is waterproof, and a shape that makes it easy to just hold and capture. It also has a standard mounting thread on the bottom if you want to set it up for more passive capturing of your action.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Re Camera Fire Sale: Pick One Up For Just $50 ($150 Off Original Price)

When HTC announced its stand-alone Re sports camera, more than one commenter wondered what the company was doing leaving its smartphone comfort zone for an industry that's already dominated by a single player. Though the Re camera is decent enough on its own and the design is completely unique, it's not enough to sway potential buyers away from GoPro and Sony cameras, which have more features and an established reputation. Apparently someone at HTC agrees, because the camera is being discounted by a whopping 75%.

That brings the price down to just $50, well into impulse buy territory and much more palatable than the original $200 retail price.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Offers The HTC Re Camera With A Free Bar Mount for $100 ($120 Off)

It's been almost a year since HTC announced its Re sports-focused camera, and there's no indication that the company intends to continue the product line with another entry. So maybe the smartphone maker isn't interested in going toe-to-toe with GoPro, but that means that you can get some great deals on a product that's less popular than its competitors. Today Best Buy is offering a bundle deal that includes both the camera and a bar mount (ideal for cyclists) for $99.99.

That's half off of the retail price of the camera with a $20 bonus for the mount, which brings the total discount to $120.

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[Deal Alert] HTC RE Available For $99 (50% Off) From Best Buy As Today's Deal Of The Day

Should you pick up one of HTC's RE cameras? I don't know. It looks like an inhaler and seems a bit awkward, but hey, maybe that's just part of its charm. If you've been on the fence, now might be the time to reconsider. The product is currently on sale for $99 at Best Buy as part of today's Deal of the Day, 50% off its usual price.

The discount is available regardless of whether you want the device in blue, orange, or white.


Best Buy is also selling the RE at the same rate on eBay, in case you rather make the purchase from there.

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HTC RE Android App Hits Google Play So You Can Manage Content And Actually See What Your Camera Is Recording

The HTC RE is the kind of camera that doesn't come with a viewfinder. Similar to GoPro's action-oriented video recorders, the RE is something that you wear while doing something active or hold pointed vaguely towards something of interest.

The RE doesn't require a paired device to work, but if you really need to see what the device is picking up, you can turn to the companion app. HTC has dropped it into the Play Store for users to install on their smartphones regardless of make or model.


The RE app is your hub for both following what's on your camera and looking at previous content that you've captured.

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HTC Desire EYE and RE Camera Are Coming To AT&T November 7th, Customers Can Save $50 By Buying Them Together

The HTC Desire EYE is a quirky camera that appears to be worth a look, especially when it's looking back at you. This phone is notable not for its specs (though those are nice too), but its 13MP front-facing camera. That's right. HTC has decided that this handset will be able to capture as many pixels from the front as it can from the back.

This handset is an AT&T exclusive, and now we have a launch date: November 7th. The carrier will sell the phone for $549.99 off-contract or $149.99 with a two-year commitment. Alternatively, Next 18 customers can spend $22.92 a month, while Next 12 folks cough up $27.50 instead.

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HTC Announces Its Mobile Sports Camera, the 'HTC RE,' With WiFi, Bluetooth, And A 16MP Sensor

HTC isn't the first company you think of when you think about cameras. But they would very much like to be, and to that end, they've announced the HTC RE. As expected, this is a wireless "sports camera," along the same lines as products from GoPro, Sony, and any number would-be competitors.


The most striking thing about the RE is its design. The small 96.7x26.5mm camera is shaped roughly like a periscope (or an inhaler), allegedly for a better grip. The camera has extra sensors around the grip point, instantly turning it on when you hold it. HTC is so confident in this unusual design choice that they've actually omitted a power button.

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