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Android 4.3 To Come To The HTC One Developer Edition This Week, Canadian HTC One Before End Of The Month

According to HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie, a bunch of HTC One owners across North America will soon receive an update to Android 4.3. He just sent out the following tweet.

This news comes more as confirmation than as a surprise.

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HTC Americas President: All US And Canada HTC Ones, DROID DNA Should Be Updated To Android 4.3 By End Of September

HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie just tweeted the following.

And there you have it. Just a day after 4.3 was promised for the developer edition HTC One by Mr. Mackenzie, he's clarified that statement to include all US and Canadian Ones (and the Verizon DROID DNA) with a deadline before the end of September.

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