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LineageOS 15.1 Oreo now available for the HTC One A9 and Redmi Note 4

The most popular custom ROM available, LineageOS, keeps on getting better and better. Since we last covered the project, two more devices are now supported, and a number of great features have been added. The project recently posted a new changelog, highlighting recent improvements and device changes:

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[Deal Alert] Get the HTC U Ultra for $599 ($150 off), HTC 10 for $499 ($200 off), and One A9 for $199 ($300 off)

The U Ultra is HTC's first flagship phone for 2017, and it didn't get great reviews. It's expensive, has poor battery life, lacks waterproofing and a headphone jack, and the US model only supports GSM networks. If you really wanted one for some reason, the U Ultra is now $150 off at HTC's website, along with several other phones.

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HTC One A9s is official with more iPhone similarities and worse specs than the A9

We only heard of the new HTC iPhone One A9s a couple of days ago when Evan Blass leaked the first render of the phone. Thankfully, we didn't have to go through weeks of more torturous rumors over the existence and purpose of this device, as HTC has just officially announced it at IFA.

The "successor" to the One A9 pushes its iPhone inspiration to new levels (yes, we know HTC introduced the general look first, but this is more of a blatant copy than the iPhone ever was of the One series) thanks to a top left rear camera and LED flash, removed HTC logo from the front, and smaller earpiece.

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The HTC One A9s gets leaked, is even more iPhone-inspired than the A9

Last year's HTC One A9 was perhaps most famous for being an iPhone clone, but it was also a pretty solid smartphone. With this leak by the famed Evan Blass (@evleaks), it appears that the One A9's successor, the One A9s, will resemble a certain fruit-named company's flagship (no, not the BlackBerry Priv) even more. Blass's source is someone familiar with the phone.

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[Update: Starting Q4 for HTC 10] HTC Says Android N Will Come To The HTC 10, One A9, And One M9

Android N still isn't officially released yet, but that hasn't stopped HTC from trying to grab some attention and get its time in the limelight during I/O's news cycle. The company announced through its official Twitter account that Android N will come to three of its existing devices.

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HTC promises Android Nougat upgrades for the One M9, One A9, and HTC 10

After this morning's surprise announcement of Android Nougat (comment on the original post to express your displeasure at the name, por favor), HTC wasted no time in using it for a little social media marketing. About an hour later the company posted the tweet below on its official international account, promising an upgrade for the current HTC 10 flagship, last year's One M9, and the sleeker One A9.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Discounts The 32GB One A9 To $399 Today, March 8 ($100 Off)

When HTC announced the One A9 back in October, it decided to sell it for an introductory price of $399. That made a lot of sense for what is essentially an upper midrange device with excellent build quality and very good specs. However, when the phone passed the preorder period, its price shot back up to $499 (or even $520 with AT&T), which made it a lot less desirable. After all, you were paying top dollar for a 5" 1080p smartphone with a Snapdragon 617 whereas you could get a more powerful processor and a better screen for the same amount of dough.

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Team Win Releases TWRP For The HTC One A9 And Galaxy Trend

The Team Win Recovery Project can be considered the most popular, best supported custom recovery available for Android devices. This is the kind of software you need to flash custom ROMs or make a complete backup of your device. Recently Team Win introduced support for two more devices. Yes, those two, but also the HTC One A9 and the Galaxy Trend.

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Evan Blass Posts Alleged Image Of The HTC One M10 Looking A Lot Like The A9

HTC isn't joining with Samsung and LG to announce its 2016 flagship phone as MWC kicks off, but it is expected to do so in the following weeks. Now we've got our first look at what may be the unannounced device courtesy of Evan Blass (formerly just @evleaks). And how about that, it looks like the A9.

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Android 6.0.1 Starts Rolling To The Sprint HTC One A9 [RUU Provided]

HTC's One A9 is the luckiest Android but non-Nexus non-Android One phone on the planet these days. It keeps getting updates sooner than most other OEM smartphones and is even receiving the monthly security patches faster than all of them too. The unlocked version of the device received Marshmallow 6.0.1 at the end of 2015 and now, one month later, the Sprint carrier version is ready for this update too.

Version 1.57.651.1 of the software brings the A9 all of the new Android 6.0.1 emojis with plenty of improvements that HTC details in its changelog below.

This software upgrade available for your HTC One provides the following key enhancements:
· Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update
· Battery life improvements
· Camera feature improvements
· Addition of Wi-Fi Calling Functionality
· System enhancements

The OTA should have already started rolling to Sprint One A9 devices, but if you don't see the notification yet, be patient because it's probably on a slow release.

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