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[Deal Alert] HTC Discounts The 32GB One A9 To $399 Today, March 8 ($100 Off)

When HTC announced the One A9 back in October, it decided to sell it for an introductory price of $399. That made a lot of sense for what is essentially an upper midrange device with excellent build quality and very good specs. However, when the phone passed the preorder period, its price shot back up to $499 (or even $520 with AT&T), which made it a lot less desirable. After all, you were paying top dollar for a 5" 1080p smartphone with a Snapdragon 617 whereas you could get a more powerful processor and a better screen for the same amount of dough.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Hot Deals Discount The Nexus 9 By 40%, Free Logitech Keyboard With LTE Version

HTC's Hot Deals change weekly, some weeks featuring discounts on accessories, others going all in with some cool hardware offers. This week's deal is mostly about the Nexus 9 which is seeing its price slashed by 40%. This isn't the first time HTC has discounted the Nexus 9 by that much, but they often sell out of units fast. This time also comes with an added perk, but only if you're interested in the 32GB LTE version of the tablet.

The first 200 orders of the 32GB LTE Nexus 9 will get a free Logitech Keys-To-Go Bluetooth Keyboard, which Cameron called the best portable keyboard he's ever used when he reviewed it back in July.

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[Deal Alert] HTC's Hot Deals Promo Is Offering Up To 30% Off On Purchases Today Only

HTC is again offering steep discounts in its online store, which make some of its devices reasonably priced. I mean, let's face it, the HTC One M9 is still not a $650 phone, and the A9 is not a $500 phone. Start slicing 20-30% off that, and you're looking good, though. The discounts come in three tiers that correspond to different spending amounts, but you'll have to buy today to get the deal.

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HTC Hot Deals Are Back In The US: Save 40% On The Nexus 9, 25% On The M9 With $100 Play Store Credit, And 50% On Accessories And Re Cameras

Remember when HTC had its Hot Deals discounts in July and everyone tried to grab a Nexus 9 for 40% off? Well, the deal is back and you better hurry because the stocks seem to be depleting as I type this. Right now, only one color of each 16GB (black) and 32GB (white) Nexus 9 remains available, while the other is gone, gone, gone. If you're too lazy to do the math, you're looking at paying $239.40 instead of $399 for the 16GB, and $287.40 instead of $479 for the 32GB. At those prices, the tablet's flaws sort of disappear from the equation.

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HTC Is Having A Big Sale In The US, Up To 50% Off The Nexus 9, One M9, Re Camera, And All Its Accessories

HTC is feeling generous today so it's running a Hot Deals promotion on most of its flagship devices and all of its accessories. The discounts range anywhere from 25% on the HTC One M9 (on contract) to 50% on the Re Camera and any accessory you want on its US store. Let's break them down.

For Nexus lovers, the Nexus 9 tablet is being discounted 40% in both of its WiFi variants. The 16GB is down from $399 to $239.40, and the 32GB is down from $479 to $287.40. If you do the math, you can get the 32GB for more than $100 less than what you'd normally pay for the 16GB version.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Hot Deals Is Offering The One M8 For $499 ($150 Off), RE Camera For $149 ($50 Off), And Select M8 Cases For 50% Off, This Weekend Only

It's no mystery HTC is preparing to announce its latest flagship the One M9 in just a couple of weeks. Naturally, it's time to clear out some inventory space to make way for new products, and that means cutting prices. HTC Hot Deals is running a weekend-long sale on the RE Camera, the One M8, and a selection of custom cases.

We've seen some better deals (for $300, and $350) on the One M8 in the last month, but they've been limited to the AT&T model, and only available as refurbs. This sale offers brand new units for every major US carrier, the Developer Edition, Unlocked International Edition, and even the Harmon/Kardon Edition for Sprint.

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