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HTC One M9 Camera Gets Raw Support Via Update To Camera App

When HTC released the latest in the One series, the biggest change was the 20MP camera. And while we have covered some of the ways that camera hasn't exactly delivered, HTC has continued sending updates to their new flagship with improvements. The latest of these is not a firmware update, but rather an update to the camera app through the Play Store. It brings raw support, something HTC promised when they announced the phone.

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HTC Points And Shoots Its Standard Camera App Into The Play Store

HTC's camera has become the company's latest piece of stock software to enter the Play Store. Here the app will sit on virtual shelves until the time comes for the company to push out future updates to its existing devices in a way that will no longer require a full-on firmware update.

HTC Camera provides a compelling software experience with many options tucked away underneath the surface, but it's held back on flagships by rear-facing hardware with relatively low megapixel counts.

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