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[Deal Alert] Get the HTC U Ultra for $599 ($150 off), HTC 10 for $499 ($200 off), and One A9 for $199 ($300 off)

The U Ultra is HTC's first flagship phone for 2017, and it didn't get great reviews. It's expensive, has poor battery life, lacks waterproofing and a headphone jack, and the US model only supports GSM networks. If you really wanted one for some reason, the U Ultra is now $150 off at HTC's website, along with several other phones.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Hot Deals Are Back With Up To 60% Off Its Greatest Products Including The One M9 And Nexus 9

Good news for HTC and Nexus fans, your favorite Taiwanese manufacturer is having another big sale. With the launch of the M10 eminent, HTC has temporarily dropped the price of the M9, as well as a few other devices – including the Nexus 9. Here's the full list of devices that are currently on sale.

You can choose to buy either an unlocked device, or a carrier specific model for any of the four major US carriers.

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HTC A9 'Aero' Makes Another Leaked Appearance Ahead Of Possible Announcement Later This Month

HTC needs a hit. Desperately. According to ComScore they held less than 4% of smartphones in the US in the second quarter of this year, and IDC's worldwide statistics didn't even record the company, lumping it in with "others" and presumably rating it well below Lenovo's 4.7% marketshare. The leaks of the HTC (One?) A9, also known as the Aero, indicate that the company is hoping a slim, stylish, and undeniably derivative design are going to help it win new customers with its next major release.

The latest set of leaks come from Twitter, where OnLeaks posted a series of photos of what appear to be a near-finished version of the phone in black, though it's labeled as a dummy unit.

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Photos Of HTC's A9 ('Aero') Phone Leaked Again From Multiple Sources

HTC has a new top-of-the-line phone brewing, and having apparently run out of new ways to talk about Duo cameras and metal alloys, they're opting to make it look like an iPhone. We got a peek at the HTC A9 back in August, and subsequently said, "yup, it looks like an iPhone." Unfortunately new leaks from two different sources aren't going to move that opinion, though they do give us a somewhat better view of the phone as a whole. A view that says "iPhone, but with huge bezels."

First up is Twitter leakster Evan Blass, who posted multiple tweets claiming that the phone is codenamed Aero and will be released in early November.

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HTC's Upcoming A9 'Hero' Device Leaks Online Looking Very Much Like An iPhone

HTC may have miscalculated with the M9, leading to the company's current downward spiral. CEO Cher Wang has promised investors that HTC is going to turn things around, and part of that is a late 2015 "hero" device. Now a mysterious HTC phone has leaked on Chinese social networking site Weibo, and it very well may be the long-rumored HTC Aero/A9.

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